Quiz: Can you identify these 21 Edinburgh pubs from our fiendish anagrams?

Just because we can’t currently pop into a pub for pint doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to once again enjoying Edinburgh’s amazing choice of watering holes.

Friday, 26th February 2021, 1:42 pm

While we’re all waiting for normality to return we thought we’d set another quiz about the city's boozers. How many of these pubs can you identify by unjumbling these anagrams?

Why not share the questions with friends, or use them to stage your own pub pub quiz?

You can also try last week’s quiz here.

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Can you unjumble the anagrams to find the Edinburgh pubs and bars?

The answers are at the bottom of the page.

1) Testier threshes

2) Deactivated hovels

3) Buildings madly

4) Borgdew

5) Hamster

6) Cheers Tut

7) Bikes owls.

8) Cod rots

9) Able bezel hurt

10) Amery Kath

11) Abey north

12) Cristy Kidd

13) Elmer piston

14) Cadging Eskimos

15) Allys bends

16) Barn rays

17) Ave felt throng

18) Karee phases

19) Postbag tricked

20) Torches

21) Addy origin


1) The Three Sisters

2) The Devil’s Advocate

3) Biddy Mulligans

4) Brewdog

5) Mathers

6) Teuchters

7) Lebowskis

8) Doctors

9) The Blue Blazer

10) Haymarket

11) The Barony

12) Dirty Dick’s

13) Montpeliers

14) Maggie Dickson’s

15) Sandy Bells

16) Ryan’s Bar

17) The Golf Tavern

18) Shakespeare

19) Stockbridge Tap

20) Hectors

21) Indigo Yard