'Amazing to be the manager of Hibs' - Kevin Thomson lays out perfect scenario which involves Rangers

Kevin Thomson is keen to manage Hibs and Rangers. Picture: SNSKevin Thomson is keen to manage Hibs and Rangers. Picture: SNS
Kevin Thomson is keen to manage Hibs and Rangers. Picture: SNS
The former Hibs, Rangers and Scotland midfielder is currently coaching at Ibrox

Former Hibs and Rangers star Kevin Thomson has laid out his “perfect scenario” as a manager.

The 35-year-old is currently an Academy coach at Ibrox where he is highly thought regarded but his overarching aim is to make the move into management.

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Thomson, who also runs his own coaching academy, is taking inspiration from former Hibs boss Tony Mowbray as he outlines the clubs he wants to take charge of.

“Aspirations? I will sit here and quite openly say I want to be the manager one day,” he told Peter Martin on PLZ Soccer.

“I’ve got a real drive and determination that I want to get to the top. I feel I have got the right character, the right personality. If I fail it certainly won’t be through hard work. 

He added: “I don’t think it is too sad to have a fairytale path within your head. It would be amazing to be the manager of Hibs one day and be successful there and leave a good legacy like Tony Mowbray did to then go on.

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“Tony’s path was always going to be down south. He managed to get to Middlesbrough, a club that was close to his heart. He’s still obviously a manager at a big club like Blackburn. 

“I think if I had a perfect scenario it would be great to be the Hibs manager then be the Rangers manager or be the Rangers manager, be successful and go on a different path and one day manage the Hibees. That is me just being me.

“I know football is cutthroat. To have a perfect path is almost frowned upon as if you expect certain things. I certainly don’t expect it but if I had a perfect path. I managed to do it as a player, play for my boyhood club to get to a club that is still very close to my heart. Obviously I am an employee.”

Thomson is cutting his coaching teeth at Ibrox and is working on being able to communicate what he sees and his ideas to players who may not be on the same wavelength or of the same thinking.

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“I’m learning this myself,” he said. “Because I was a player and played at a certain level it is up to me to try and see what’s in my brain and pick parts of my brain to present it to the players as best as I possibly can so they can understand it.

“I think that is possibly the difficult thing for a player who has played at a top level to try and understand that the players you manage or coach are not at the same level and same thinking as yourself.

“Different scenarios you need to break it down. It’s one that I am working on myself really hard.”