'˜Edinburgh doesn't seem right for a semi-final' - Hearts fans react to Betfred Cup mess

Hearts fans have had their say on the SPFL's decision to rethink of the scheduling of the Betfred Cup semi-finals which would have seen Aberdeen, Rangers, Celtic and Hearts play at Hampden Park on the same day.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 12:39 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 12:42 pm

Linda Mowat: “Hope common sense prevails and 4 teams don’t have to play on Sunday 28th”

Gaynor Bain: “A full public safety assessment should have been carried out prior to the decision being made in the first place. As should discussions with transport companies.”

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Hearts fans have had their say on the Betfred Cup conundrum. Picture: SNS/Rob Casey

@IanMurrayMP: “The @spfl and @ScottishFA are supposed to be custodians of the wonderful game of football but they give the impression that the supporters come last. That’s unsustainable and must change. Sorting the league cup semi finals would be a start but it’s been done by fan pressure.”

@DonaldsonESPN: “Good to see the return of ‘Scottish Football: The Banter Years’. When we look back at this decade of our game in years to come we’ll still be scratching our heads as to how many of those directly involved in the various bampottery held onto their jobs for as long as they did...”

@PaulMillar1980: “The embarrassing thing is there inability to get this in place before making an announcement. They should have recognised the issue, taken time to create options then present the outcome. They have simply cemented most people’s view of them as an organisation with their actions.”

Murrayfield is a possible option for the Hearts v Celtic match:

Gorgiewave: I’d have preferred a trip to Glasgow. Edinburgh doesn’t seem right for a semi-final, unless Tynecastle or Easter Road.

Steven Oliver: “It’ll be discussed, then the SPFL will stick with the original plan.”

Linda Anderson: “So what happened to their “contractual obligation””

Gary Mclauchlan: “This cant happen they have to be played at Hampden”

Barry Macpherson: “Good if anything comes of this but can’t see them changing now there’s too much common sense for that organisation”

Thomas Wilson: “Great News common sense has prevailed. After this great piece of news we have to sell every ticket available to us and more if needed. Hearts should give preference to the supporters who will go to the semi - final when allocating final tickets.”

Gareth Jacobs: “Who cares we’re the game is long as it’s at a reasonable time and every hearts fan that can go is all that matters , murryfield or hampden who cares we beat them wherever they decide ,come on the hearts”

@bobbike46: “I see Celtic have now found their voice, is that because this switch may now inconvenience some of their support, funny that eh!!”

Luke McGowan: “Celtic bricking it to play us in Edinburgh as they know they’ll get beat again”

Dean Archibald: “Lets face it celtic wont be happy as we will bring a much larger support if played at murrayfield, they’ll get what they want, guaranteed we will be playing at Hampden.”

@gorgie18741: “What Celtic want and what they get is what they’ll want...”

@davieholt: “My, they really, really want home advantage don’t they. Quite happy to see three sets of fans having to travel as long as their fans don’t. Hearts were drawn first so are the ‘home’ team. If Celtic ‘demand’ a recount then it’s quite simple. We play at Hampden on Saturday 27th.”

@chipper1975: “Why Murrayfield, it’s never been used for semi finals before? Hampden on different days was always the way. This lot are making it up as they go along.”

Aaron N Shirley: “I’d happily play Celtic at Hampden, providing it had been a reasonable kick off time, with no others using the playing surface beforehand”

William Sutherland: “No moans from Celtic when other clubs fans have the inconvenience of traveling to Glasgow for a semi or a final.”

Gail Barrie: “Fair enough. As long as one game is at Murrayfield, it means the fans can actually get to a game and enjoy it and it avoids all the drama in Glasgow on that Sunday.”

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