Mental performance coach helps West Lothian powerlifters succeed on world stage

Edinburgh-based mental performance coach Maggie Sheridan-Bruce has been acclaimed for helping powerlifting prodigies who have excelled at a World Masters event in Canada.

Val Dourley, 63, and Jo Parkin, 47, members of West Lothian’s Marrvellous Lifting Club both brought back medals from the biggest competition of their careers. Dourley struck gold in squat with a new European record of 107.5kg and placed fourth overall. She was advised to do weights after being diagnosed with osteoporosis and her grand-daughter now trains alongside her. Parkin, coached by Darren Marr, collected a bronze in the team event.

Sheridan-Bruce, of Murrayfield-based Mental Performance Training, said: “It was by far Val's most polished and best performance to date. To have everything fall into place on the world platform was just perfect. In overall competition Jo achieved a bronze medal in the 84kg + group – some achievement for her first ever appearance on an international platform.”

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Sheridan-Bruce set up her company in partnership with son Louis. She explained: “Louis and I work with all sports including, Lochend Boxing Club, cyclists, show jumpers, racing drivers ... Louis has a racing background, initially competitively racing in Motox to present day Superbikes, so he understands and importance of mindset in any sport.

Maggie Sheridan-Bruce and son Louis are mental performance coaches, based at Murrayfield in Edinburgh

“We use techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Hypnotherapy, stripping away negativity and behaviour that gets in the way of the athlete performing to their best, then move forward with breathing techniques, visualisation and reframing self-talk. Jo said that for the first time competing she didn’t feel nervous; she was in the moment and absolutely loved it.”

Val Dourley, 63, pictured centre, brought back a medals from the World Masters in Canada.