Jane Park’s lottery win 6 years on: Who is Britain’s youngest lottery winner and where is she now?

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery - some of us know exactly what we would do with the money if we were to have those lucky numbers.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 3:48 pm
This is what Jane Park has been up to since winning the lottery (Photo: ITV)
This is what Jane Park has been up to since winning the lottery (Photo: ITV)

For some though, the dream becomes a reality - that was the case for Jane Park, who was only 17 at the time of winning.

Who is Jane Park?

Jane Park is Britain’s youngest lottery winner, having bagged herself one million pounds back in 2013.

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At the time of her win, Jane was living in a small, two bedroom council house in Edinburgh, sharing a room with her older sister. She had a job working in an office as an assistant.

After her win, a BBC Scotland crew followed her for the first year of her newfound millionaire status. In the documentary, titled Teenage Millionaire, Jane says that the first thing she bought with her winnings was a Louis Vuitton bag.

So what has happened to Jane Park since she won the money way back in 2013? Here’s a recap.

Chip shop job

In 2015, Jane revealed that she had taken on a new job in a chip shop.

Taking to twitter, Jane wrote, “Working in a chippy isn’t as easy as it looks.”

She also wrote, “Aw right didn’t realise cause I won the lottery and have money I’m no allowed to work in a chippy."

Jane moves home

Jane bought herself a semi-detached house in November 2013 for £169,995, but she moved back into her mother’s Edinburgh home after finding it lonely.

Jane was originally renting the property out for a while before she eventually put it on the market around September.

Property records showed that the semi-detached house in Corporal John Shaw Court was sold in December for £185,000.

Brazilian bum lift

In 2017, Jane travelled to Turkey to undergo surgery for a Brazilian bum lift operation.

The operation consists of fat being transferred from other areas of the body, like your stomach or hips and redistributed into your rear end for a fuller bottom. However, the operation didn’t go to plan after Jane suffered from an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.

Speaking on This Morning, Jane said that she was left “swollen from head to toe” and in “constant pain”.

She said, “I thought I was going to die. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and they said I’d had a reaction to the local anaesthetic.”

Breast enlargement

Jane treated herself to a £4,500 boob job as a birthday present to herself after turning 23.

She said, “I always wanted them done - I’m a lot happier and much more confident.”

Jane said that “they’re up there with the best things I’ve bought.”

£60k to find a boyfriend

In November 2018, Jane launched a website to find herself a boyfriend - with a five figure reward for the lucky boy.

To apply, potential boyfriends needed to provide their name, age and links to social media. They also needed to explain how they would spend the £60k.

The boyfriend interview process was set to be filmed for a documentary due to air this year.

Selling pictures

In May 2019, Jane tweeted, “I’ve been selling topless pictures online to men desperate to see my boobs for £50+ & donated the money to charity.”

She described how empowered she felt by the move in her tweet and wrote that she felt like “Robin Hood”.

Love Island rumours

Jane sparked rumours that she was heading off to the Love Island villa in Spain for this years season.

At the end of last year, she hinted “There may be some reality shows. I’ve not agreed to anything yet but there is talk of some.”

Fuel was added to the fire when she was spotted at Edinburgh Airport.

However, with this series coming to a close, it’s unlikely she’ll make an appearance this time around.