Watch as Lewis Capaldi's dad splits up brawling fans at Edinburgh Usher Hall gig

Fans were ejected from the gig after a fight broke out in the crowd.

Friday, 6th December 2019, 12:49 pm

Shocking video footage shows music superstar Lewis Capaldi's father attempting to break up a brawl during his son's Usher Hall gig.

The brawl involving around six people broke out in the crowd of Capaldi's huge homecoming show last night, reportedly after another fight earlier on in the show.

A video, filmed inside the venue, shows Capaldi's father, wearing beige trousers and a black top, attempting to stop the fracas.

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The brawl at the Capaldi gig in Usher Hall (Photo: Contributed)

Eyewitnesses said the fight broke our during the Bathgate star's penultimate song 'Hold Me While You Wait' with Capaldi stopping the show while the fight was dealt with.

They also reported that Capaldi's mother could be seen comforting a woman following the fight.

Capaldi's dad stepped in to break the fight up

One eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, said the brawl had begun due to a dispute over two women standing during the gig.

"Lewis said: 'How can you get in a fight at a Lewis Capaldi Gig?', then he said: 'If you act like a **** fighting at my gig you get ****** out'.

She added that Capaldi's father then stepped in to try and break the fight up.

She said: "Two women were standing up in the grand circle, the people sat behind them weren't happy.

"A guy shouted 'you've bought seated tickets so sit down ya ****** doughnuts' and security instructed the women to sit down.

"They stood back up again and it was guaranteed to kick off."

Fight started after drink thrown

According to the eyewitness a shouting match ensued followed by a drink getting thrown, with one solitary security guard tasked with breaking the fight up.

She said: "The two women started fighting with each other, pulling hair and the men started throwing punches. There were about 10 people fighting.

"Lewis said: 'How can you get in a fight at a Lewis Capaldi Gig?', then he said: 'If you act like a **** fighting at my gig you get ****** out'.

"Then he said he only wants good ***** at his gig.

"He finished the show but we were distracted by the security looking for jackets and a phone belonging to the people who had been flung out.

"Great gig though, Lewis was hilarious throughout as always."