Theatre review: Guido

Guido. Picture: Comp
Guido. Picture: Comp
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GUIDO! at C Too, St Columba’s by the Castle, is a surprisingly sparky romp through the world of Guy Fawkes and his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

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C Too

With a cheeky, innuendo-laden script and some excellent performances from a young cast, the show has many parallels with The Comic Strip Presents.

Daniel Henry Kaes’ script and David Ferris’s compositions work well together giving the production a nice flow, even if the narrative is unevenly developed.

Its youth, however, may well be its undoing, the continuous and off-putting stream of gay jokes reeking of sixth form locker room banter rather than having any real merit, even if they do work towards the finale’s punchline.

One also has to wonder at the reasoning behind the choice of a song entirely devoted to innuendo at the expense of developing the drama under the Houses of Parliament and Guido’s capture.

Describing itself as ‘Mock-Epic’, with an absolutely beautiful take-off of Tom Cruise in the process, Guido! certainly works hard to cover the important bits of one of history’s most fascinating and convoluted plots.

The final scenes where the plotters discuss who might have betrayed them, a reminder of how much we still don’t know about what happened in the run-up to the attempted execution of their cunning plan.