John McLellan: For action on waste, try doing it yourself

When I was considering standing for Edinburgh Council, I asked a veteran of local politics to give me a good reason why I shouldn’t do it, writes John McLellan.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse is the Queen's official residence in Scotland

Andy Wightman on land reform: Who owns the Palace of Holyroodhouse?

The question of who runs and pays for Edinburgh’s royal palace is complicated, writes Andy Wightman

Opinion 45

Ian Swanson: Do voters care enough to deliver blow to Brexit?

TONY Blair believes it can still be stopped, Sir Vince Cable says it may never happen and 60 high-profile Scots, including academics, politicians, business figures and writers, have signed an open letter demanding a rethink.

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Silence In Court

Liam Rudden: Guilty or Not Guilty? You, the audience must decide

IT must be close on a decade since my long-time theatrical collaborator Edward Cory and I sat in the bar of the Mount Royal Hotel on Princes Street, wracking our brains for an idea to fill a evening slot in a newly opened cafe in Leith.

If only everyone was as good with dogs as US TV 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan. (AP Photo/The Tribune, Jayson Mellom)

Susan Morrison: Dogged by inconsiderate pooch owners

Bit of a tense face-off in the park this week. An angry mum was giving the big verbals to another woman who had a smart looking border collie with her. Mum was angry, and quite rightly so, because her toddler’s trike had run over a pile of dog poo, and the wheels were caked.

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Jacqui Dankworth is playing Edinburgh Jazz Festival

Karen Koren: Jazzed about the festival

The Festival summer season has started and it’s Jazz Festival time in Edinburgh. There are more than 170 gigs to discover, spanning the early days of jazz to the best on the current scene. There’s also a Blues programme which crosses Southern blues, delta blues, Mississippi blues, Chicago blues, electric blues and acoustic blues. The Festival is hosting American stars and the best of home-grown talent.

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The Care Inspectorate has criticised the council for its failures in services to older people. Picture: John Devlin

Robert Aldridge: Shuffling the deckchairs will not be good enough

After six weeks of dithering, at last the council has got a coalition together to run the city – and it’s the same as last time. Instead of Labour and SNP we have SNP and Labour. We can only hope that the new council administration amounts to more than shuffling the deckchairs and will change direction on serious problems facing the city.

Ben Macpherson is SNP MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith

Ben Macpherson: We must relieve pressure on rents

For many across Edinburgh, and in cities throughout the country, renting a home is becoming less affordable. Budgets are increasingly stretched and often the last thing people need is a rent hike, pricing them out of decent housing in their area. Many people have come to me over recent months facing exactly this problem.

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Tartan souvenir shops remain popular with many tourists despite their 'tat' image. Picture: John Savage

Kevin Buckle: Tourism ‘experts’ should try life at the sharp end

John Donnelly and Robin Worsnop reacted fairly quickly to recent stories that like Venice, Edinburgh was becoming swamped with tourists to a point that it was both detracting from visitor experience and affecting the quality of life of the locals. John, as chief executive of Marketing Edinburgh, and Robin, chair of the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group, would, of course, have been expected to have an opinion on how real these concerns were and it is interesting that the immediate reaction is to quote statistics.

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Tourists enjoy the view from Calton Hill. Picture: Toby Williams

Helen Martin: It’s difficult to escape from this tourist trap

THE Edinburgh World Heritage Trust believes the city is being overwhelmed with tourists, and commercial over-exploitation of the city centre is a threat to its “authenticity”.

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Anne-Marie Morris is unlikely to repeat the 'N' word again. Picture: PA

Brian Monteith: This ‘N’ word row reeks of hypocrisy

It was revealed this week that a Conservative MP, Anne-Marie Morris, had used the “N” word by repeating the old phrase about a woodpile. When she was reminded of this she immediately apologised and I think it is fair to say she is unlikely to repeat those particular words again.

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Mike Heron, right, and Joe Boyd attending the MOJO Awards Pic: Pat Sullivan/Getty Images

A guitar legend making the soup

If you remember the sixties, then you weren’t there.

Maison de Moggy is a real stress-buster. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Hayley Matthews: Stress getting you down? Here’s a purr-fect remedy

I’ve recently been dealing with stress and anxiety, which has not been pleasant. If you’re lucky and made of titanium, then great. If not, you’ll appreciate the deep churning wheel of fear and a head that feels like it’s in a constant bad dream. Not pleasant.

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Gordon Dewar wants to use the airports crosswinid runway for a commercial development. Picture: Jane Barlow

John McLellan: Turbulence ahead for airport complex plan

No costs, no ground plans and only a few line drawings; details are so scant about Edinburgh Airport’s new bold plan to sacrifice its second runway for a new commercial complex that it’s hard to know what to make of it all.

John Donnelly is Marketing Edinburgh's chief executive

John Donnelly & Robing Worsnop: Let’s get the facts straight before criticising tourism

To say that Edinburgh is in danger of losing its soul and suffering the mass tourism saturation issues of some European cities such as Venice and Barcelona is nearing precariously close to sensationalist. We need a sensible, open and balanced conversation that puts the facts at the centre of the debate.

Flora Stevenson Primary pupils  Ella Cowan), Zahara Awny, Lola Clark-Musseau, Stella Smith, Finn Wenman and Tristan Wake show their support for the 20mph speed limit. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Lesley Macinnes: 20mph limit is the slow way forward

One of the comments often made by people who aren’t fully persuaded yet of the need to slow down traffic in our city is that they “support it around schools but don’t see the need for it on other roads”.

Opinion 8
Edinburgh's 20mph zone is to be expanded in August

20mph rolls on but jury it out

Some of the heat has gone out of the 20mph debate since the new speed limit was launched last year.

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Lesley Clark is Superintendent of Specialist Operations for Edinburgh

Supt Lesley Clark: We’re ready for Festival season

As Superintendent of Specialist Operations for Edinburgh, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the public for the warm welcome my officers have received during recent deployments.

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Firefighters and paramedics help a man rescued from the Grenfell tower inferno. Picture: Getty

Colin Montgomery: No time for common sense in silly season

And finally. Giant killer sharks are menacing the denizens of Port Seton. New mouse-flavoured ice-cream is being lapped up by cool cats this summer. And Edinburgh is gloriously free from roadworks for an entire 24 hours.

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Nicola Sturgeon is set to relaunch her government in the autumn

Ian Swanson: Labour poses the biggest threat to SNP dominance

TEN years after coming to power at Holyrood, the SNP is still by far the largest party in the Scottish Parliament and has a clear majority of Scotland’s MPs at Westminster.

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