Colin Montgomery: Through the looking glass to Austerityland 2082

Given the tidal wave of nonsense that passes for reality at times, I sometimes feel like taking a walk through the looking glass in search of refuge in the world of fantasy.

Picardy Place at the Top of Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Letter: Top of Leith Walk plans ‘turning city into East Kilbride’

CITY of Edinburgh Council have ­released a doozy of a plan to redesign Picardy Place – the junction between Leith Street, York Place, Broughton place and Leith Walk.


Brian Monteith: Why Kezia needs to shout ‘Get me out of here’

Why should we bother if it’s a great ­embarrassment to the ­Labour Party that one of its MSPs – and former Scottish leader to boot, Kezia Dugdale – should need three weeks away from her real job when she’s only just come back from the parliament’s October holiday?

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A patient waits to see the GP. Pic: Ian Georgeson

Leader comment: Ills of the NHS need to be tackled

Everyone knows the NHS can no longer deliver everything we expect of it.

A bunt-out car in Craigentinny following the disorder on Bonfire Night. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Ian Campbell: The lawless minority will not be tolerated

In my role as Vice Convener of Culture and Communities at Edinburgh City Council and Chair of the Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership I have been able to look deeply at areas of community safety.

Sir David Attenborough has called for action to tackle ocean pollution. (Picture: PA)

Colin Montgomery: Time to listen to the SOS from Blue Planet’s stars

our oceans are being beautifully documented in the new series of the BBC’s Blue Planet.

Scottish Labour's Richard Leonard should go on Beechgrove. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Colin Montgomery: Politicians who should go on Casualty and Beechgrove

We really should be wary of the politics of condemnation.

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A parking warden patrols on George Street

Leader comment: Parking permit price rises stick in the craw

CAR owners often complain of being used as a cash cow by all levels of government.

Five-a-side football pitches at the Pitz, Portobello. Picture: Alistair Linford

Ash Denham: Pitz plan is an affront to Portobello residents

Residents of Portobello are furious at the City of Edinburgh Council’s plans to sell the Pitz Westbank Street site, and rightly so. This is one of the most valuable open spaces in Portobello and home to five-a-side football pitches and Tumbles, a gymnastics and soft play centre. Both are widely used and beloved by the community. Beach Wheelchairs Portobello also recently secured a storage unit on the site for their wheelchairs.

The Royal College of GPs estimates well be short of more than 850 family doctors within a few years

Miles Briggs: A winter SOS for the NHS gatekeepers

Rarely does the work of a GP become more obvious and important than when the temperature plummets and the winter nights close in.

Sheepdogs are famed for their intelligence. (Picture: Getty Images)

Steve Cardownie: Dogs aren’t as clever as they think

I had cause to ponder the proverb “look before you leap“ when out walking my dog last week.

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Fireworks in George Street kick off the Capital's Christmas celebrations. Picture: PA

Steve Cardownie: Christmas festivities beat Hearts for spectacle

The Christmas celebrations got off to a spectacular start on Sunday, even if the first game at the new Tynecastle Park didn’t.

While some campaign for assisted suicide, other groups oppose the liberalisation of euthanasia laws. Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Steve Cardownie: Suicide over a ‘murder’ that looks like mercy

In Harper Lee’s acclaimed novel To Kill a Mockingbird, lawyer Atticus Finch, a central character, tells his two young children: “You never know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk about in them.”

New Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard. Picture: John Devlin

Ian Swanson: It’s a jungle out there for new ‘branch office’ boss Leonard

RICHARD Leonard may not need to worry about having to get up close to creepy crawlies or eat kangaroo body parts with Boris Johnson’s dad.

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The Scottish Government has cut funding to local government by 3.7 per cent from 2010/11 to 2017/18. Picture: John Devlin

Gordon Munro: Blame Holyrood, not Westminster, for budget woes

Edinburgh is done no favours by those seeking to portray Westminster as the source of Edinburgh’s budget problems faced by the council. This contradicts the facts.

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Jon Snow hardly let Alex Salmond get a word in edge-ways. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Helen Martin: Jon Snow’s ‘gagging’ of Alex Salmond was a disgrace

ONCE upon a time, the purpose of a TV interview was to extract information and sometimes to ask challenging questions with the aim of enlightening and educating the public about the subject under discussion. Nowadays that approach is more likely to be found on chat shows.

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Parents have been sucked in to the need for children to be technologically adept. Picture: Getty

Helen Martin: Computer-obsessed kids can’t grip pencil

PAEDIATRICIANS and child psychologists are expressing concern about very young children being given access to iPads and other tablets.

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Electric cars should not detract from the need to tackle congestion. Picture: Michael Gillen

Chas Booth: Transport revolution is about more than electric cars

The recent announcements by the Scottish and UK Governments that they will end the sale of fossil fuelled cars by 2032 and 2040 respectively has seen electric vehicles move rapidly up the political agenda.

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Gail Porter launched the Vintage Vibes campaign. Picture: Getty

Kevin Buckle: Don’t be lonely this Christmas

A great initiative was launched this week for those older folk who may be lonely this Christmas.

Django Django are headlining the Alternative Peers' Ball. Picture: PA

Kevin Buckle: Walter Scott’s Peers’ Ball reimagined for 21st century

Saturday November 25 is the Alternative Peers’ Ball at the Assembly Rooms headlined by Django Django.

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