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There is no denying the pressures we face as a council, and how these could affect the services we provide.

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Clubs are making it difficult to be inclusive to all families.

Helen Martin: An ugly facet of the beautiful game

DURING the course of my newspaper career, I’ve often fallen foul of football clubs.

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Susan would like to check her wedding video for evidence. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Susan Morrison: Did I really vow to honour his opinions on our new bathroom?

It lands on my head every now and then, usually when I’m cleaning out a cupboard. It’s a VHS tape, so we can’t play it any more. The piece of paper stuck to the side is just about legible. It says “wedding”.

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Leaving callers on the line is no way to run a complaints service. Stock image

Joanna Mowat: Trouble down the line for a shambolic set-up

Just recently Edinburgh City Council received a complaint from a caller who’d been on the line for a staggering 48 minutes before eventually being able to speak to an officer.

Edinburgh City Council deputy leader Councillor Frank Ross. Picture: Jane Barlow

Frank Ross: Now is the time to invest in our city

The success that Edinburgh has achieved over a range of economic, social and cultural measures has quite rightly earned it the accolade of the “Engine of the Scottish Economy”.

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There will be more job opportunities at Edinburgh Airport as it continues to expand. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Gavin Barrie: The Christmas rush for jobs starts now

While Christmas may still be a couple of months away, many employers across the city are gearing up now for what is traditionally their busiest time of the year. This presents a good opportunity for those looking for work, but can also help open up other opportunities within these businesses beyond the Christmas period.

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Jean-Michel Jarre
at Glasgow Hydro 2016

Liam Rudden: Lost in Jarre’s cathedral of sound

I’VE waited a long time to see Jean-Michel Jarre live.

From the moment I heard his genre-defying album Oxygene in 1976, he went on my ‘Must See’ list.

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FilmingThe 39 Steps on the Forth Bridge in 1958. Star Kenneth Moore can be seen pointing on the right.

Brian Monteith: How can we build a bridge between the past and the future?

Possibly my earliest memory is of going across the Forth Bridge when my grandma took me on a day trip to Arbroath, where many of her family were from.

Lothian Buses had a high-profile boardroom battle.

Leader: ‘Let’s hope obscene bus pay will end’

lothian Buses chiefs must have thought the controversy over salaries and bonus payments was behind them after the high-profile boardroom battle.

Opinion 9
Picture: Getty

Why private schools should take a long, hard look at themselves

Regulation is an increasing challenge for schools in all sectors, including the independent sector. Where 20 years ago regulations were minor requirements for schools, now they have hundreds of regulations with which they must comply, or face the risk of sanctions – or even closure. This is where a regime of self-reflection and assessment can really come into its own. A school which competently self-assesses need not fear the threat of regulatory inspection, because they are pre-empting and mirroring the inspection process internally and are therefore always ahead of the game. The fallout from regulation breaches is considerable – as well as the financially measurable penalties, there is the far less measurable impact of increased staff workload, reputational harm and possible damage to staff/pupil morale to consider.

Opinion 6
Gorgie City Farm has been awarded �150,000.

Leader: Gorgie City Farm repays investment many times over

JUST a few months ago it seemed Gorgie City Farm was facing a very different future.

Farmer Jim Telfer and his daughter Mary Begbie with local campaigners at his Old Pentland Farm in Damhead. Picture: contributed

Alison Johnstone: Jim Telfer’s story is yet another example of the need for genuine community involvement in planning

Recently I had the opportunity to welcome campaigners to Holyrood to hand in a petition of 
 protest over the potential eviction of a tenant farmer from his family’s home of 100 years. Jim Telfer, 82, is fighting to protect Old Pentland Farm near Straiton, as landowners aim to sell to the developers behind a proposed film studio. The Scottish Government has a decision on its hands, after Midlothian Council failed to make a ruling on the application.

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This SNP supporter is in no doubt about the case for a second independence referendum. Picture: Lisa McPhillips

Ian Murray: Brexit was a blow. Don’t let it turn into a disaster

As the Brexit debate rumbles inexorably on, the Scottish people – through no fault of their own – are in danger of being caught between a rock and a hard place: a Tory government that wants Scotland in the UK and out of the EU, and an SNP government that wants Scotland out of the UK and in the EU.

Opinion 13
Masterchef 2016 winner Jane Devonshire. Picture: Terry Applin/Lanyard Media

Fiona Duff: The recipe for success is here

It is, I think, 65 days until Christmas. Usually when someone says that I get an overwhelming urge to punch their fairy lights out. However, when you have drawn the short straw and have to produce lunch on that day for a greedy family it is about the time to set your mind to what can be served. It is all very well to get the turkey and “all the trimmings”, but once you have sat through as many cookery shows as me you know that’s hardly going to cut the mustard these days.

Picture: Toby Williams

John Donnelly: Chance to make city a better place

I adore Edinburgh, from its rich culture and festivals to its stunning architecture and history. It’s a city you can easily walk around, enjoy its green open spaces and sample some of Scotland’s best food and drink.

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Picture: PA

Leader: Beating obesity does not seem to be working

So in the last five years the number of times ambulance staff in the Lothians need to employ specialist hospital transport for obese patients has more than doubled.

Nicola Sturgeon takes the applause of SNP delegates. Picture: John Devlin

Ian Swanson: Is Sturgeon ready to roll the dice on referendum?

NICOLA Sturgeon has a reputation for being cautious – yet within minutes of opening the SNP conference last week she was fuelling expectations of a new vote on independence.

Politics 18
As most of us know, it's not the thought that counts at Christmas  - it's the present that counts. Picture: Getty

Gerry Farrell: A gift guide as useful as a chocolate teapot

When you get a present you don’t want and you can’t even imagine why your beloved relative or friend bought you it, it’s customary to murmur the self-soothing cliche “It’s the thought that counts.” You couldn’t be more wrong. Because if your dear one had put more than 30 seconds’ actual thought into what to give you, your face would have lit up the moment you set eyes on it.

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce's Liz McAreavey. Picture: contributed

Liz McAreavey: From the post-Brexit world to Edinburgh 2050, forward planning is key

September saw the launch of “Edinburgh 2050”, the City Vision being developed by Edinburgh City Council. Whilst civic leaders have taken the initiative, they are clear that this will not be a City Council Vision but one decided by the city.

Grant Stott was a hit on the Fringe

Karen Koren: Grant ready to spring forth with the Mic

We have been working hard organising tours for the spring.

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