Ben Macpherson: Young Scot celebrates the best of a generation

It was shocking to hear in recent days that over 30 cars were vandalised by ‘rampaging youths’ in North Edinburgh during the school break. Such instances of mindless criminality instinctively make us feel angry and dismayed. We empathise with the people who have suffered as victims and think about how we’d feel if it had happened to us – what if it was our property that was damaged or our lives that were affected. This paper was right to state that “it is vital that the attackers are identified and there are penalties sufficiently heavy to deter them and others from these criminal actions.”

There was no way Susan was leaving the aptly named George Best Airport without her gin. Picture: AP

Susan Morrison: How I found the bottle to get my gin through airport customs

What’s the statute of limitations for smuggling? I only ask because I might have broken the law last week coming back from Belfast. Well, I mean, it was a point of principle. The main principle being what a plonker I am.

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Bill Bailey

Karen Koren: Sloping off for ski fun with Bill

I have just spent a lovely week in Cyprus skiing with Bill Bailey and a small entourage of his family and friends.

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House prices in the Hillside area of Edinburgh have shot up more than 340 per cent in 20 years.

The true cost of city house prices

the fact that Edinburgh is an expensive city in which to buy property is news to nobody.

The City Chambers. Picture: Scott Taylor

Andrew Burns: The culture of politics has changed a lot in five years

I THINK you’d need to be inhabiting a wholly different world from the one I live in, not to be aware that trust between the electorate and those of us either elected or employed to serve that electorate, has broken down badly in recent years.

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Too many patients fail to turn up for day surgery

Helen Martin: NHS no-shows mean that we all miss out

ONE of the greatest win-win developments in the NHS must be the increase in operations that can be performed in day surgery. Patients get home on the same day and budget savings must be enormous

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The Scottish Government has decided to maintain the higher rate threshold of tax. Picture: John Devlin

Gordon Lindhurst: Scottish tax a missed opportunity

The Scottish rate resolution in the Scottish Government’s budget will maintain the higher rate threshold of tax. The Finance Secretary has said he anticipates an extra £29 million. But at the expense of an additional £400 per higher rate taxpayer, will it actually happen?

City businesses are  unhappy about the huge rise in business rates - Amanda Caygill, who owns bar restaurant Espy in Portobello, pictured here with chef Luke Hazelwood and maitre'd AJ Qureshi, is facing a bill more than five times last year's.

Leader comment: Rates change is a disaster

The Scottish economy is already lagging behind the UK economy, and things are just going to get worse.

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Edinburgh Makar Christine De Luca. Picture: Greg Macvean

Christine De Luca: A Drama in time

The 2050 Edinburgh City Vision campaign has been inviting people to share their vision for the future since it launched in September 2016. So far there have been 6000 submissions, including Edinburgh Makar Christine De Luca’s response, entitled A Drama in time . . .

Car vandalism along East Trinity Road and Cragil Terrace. Picture Ian Georgeson

Leader comment: Car vandals must be punished

CARs are pretty vulnerable to being damaged. Even people who have garages rarely use them to keep cars in, so there are thousands of cars parked on streets every day and every night, and that makes them easy prey.

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Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister

Brian Monteith: They can’t claim that Thatcher is to blame...

It has been a black month for jobs in Scotland as the latest unemployment figures showed another rise of 6000 to 135,000 – yet again contrasting with a fall to a ten-year low across the rest of the UK.

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Still Game: Live 2 Bon Voyage. Pic: Graeme Hunter

Liam Rudden: Audience are Still Game for a bit of smut

IT’s become a tradition that whenever Still Game plays the SEC Hydro in Glasgow, my partner in crime for the night is talented Edinburgh actress Kerry Hamilton, fans of the BBC Scotland comedy will know her better as Stacey, the pizza girl.

Four nights of rest, recuperation, massage and salt caves should do the trick

Fiona Duff: Polishing up on my spa treatment

As you read this I shall probably be sitting in the back of a car hurtling through the countryside of north Poland. I may well be feeling the effects of a night exploring the vodka bars of Gdansk where I spent last night. But all will be well as I am heading to a health spa for four nights of rest, recuperation, massage and salt caves.

Scots are lucky to speak English. Picture: Getty

Calum Henderson: Bilingualism the way ahead for English speakers

Sometimes I am asked why, out of all the places I could have chosen to study abroad, I picked Norway. Was it out of a desire to go fjord-exploring, or some weird love of horrendously cold weather?

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Leader comment: Help celebrate the caring

Leader comment: Help celebrate the caring

Today is national Care Day. It is the day on which agencies across Britain are joining up to celebrate the achievements of children in care and care leavers.


Liz Mcareavey: Change is neither cheap nor easy

The pace of change in this new digital era is both startling and exciting. The digital revolution is innovative and disruptive with new business models exploding onto the scene.

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It can be a challenging and daunting task for graduates to find a work placements. Picture: Neil Hanna

John Moran: Let’s meet the experience challenge

Edinburgh is a very attractive place for students. With four world-renowned universities and a number of excellent colleges on our doorstep we are very lucky to be able to give students such a fantastic academic experience.

Young musicians need to show gumption if they are going to make it. Picture: Getty

Kevin Buckle: There’s more to funding music than ticking boxes

Creative Scotland gets its fair share of criticism and rightly so, but a lot of the box ticking and methodology behind their thinking is because for a large part they are handing out lottery money and need to tick their own boxes to show that the money has been handed out fairly.

The onus is on owners to make their dogs behave

The Control of Dogs Act is our best friend, not foe

Now, although I am a fully trained cat owner, in my heart of hearts I love both cats and dogs. Many moons ago, too many I fear, as a stay-at-home mum of two boys we had both Arthur (ginger tom) and Roostie (ginger setter) as key members of the family.

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Golfer Iain Lowdean suffered serious injuries after coming off his bike on tram tracks in Edinburgh. Picture Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Leader comment: Cyclists are cyclists the whole country over

I know from personal experience just how slippy a tram line can be if you put a bicycle wheel on it. Very slippy indeed.

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