Comment: Party politics not serving Edinburgh well

Running a city like Edinburgh is very different to running the country.

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Ian Murray will be fighting for every vote in Edinburgh South as he tries to retain the seat he won in 2010 and held in 2015. Picture: Scott Taylor

Kezia Dugdale: A vote for the Tories will hand power back to SNP

In seats across Scotland, it is only Labour that can beat the SNP. Nowhere is that more true than in Edinburgh South, where Ian Murray is running for re-election.

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Scotland seems to be a nation of amateur Indiana Joneses. Picture: AP

Susan Morrison: A pig in glaur with a hint of Harrison Ford

There is no such thing in history as a boring story. There can be, however, a tale told too often, crowding out the other great stories waiting to be unearthed. Take the Tudors. Seriously, how many more documentaries, dramas and novels do we need about England’s upstart ginger brats? They just can’t see past Henry. Mind you, it was quite difficult to see past the older Harry. He took up a lot of real estate. Bet he could block a mobile signal.

The Omni Centre is part of TH Real Estate's stake in Edinburgh

Comment: Edinburgh’s future looks bright

Michael Sales has a job which would make most people’s mind boggle.

Prisoners with dementia should not receive a higher standard of care than the general public. Picture: PA

Helen Martin: Prisoners must not get special treatment

wE know dementia numbers are rising year by year in Scotland and that regardless of lifestyle, previous medical conditions or even age, anyone could fall victim.

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Half of all mental health problems in adulthood begin by the age of 14. Picture: John Devlin

Billy Watson: Our kids can’t wait any longer to get the help they need

We all have mental health, and anyone can experience a mental health problem. Young people are no different. In fact, half of all mental health problems in adulthood begin by the age of 14.

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Kurt Cobain, lead singer for the Seattle-based band Nirvana, performs Dec.13, 1993 during the taping of MTV's Live and Loud Production in Seattle

Comment: Closing music venues need not be end of Edinburgh scene

The closure of another cherished music venue will inevitably lead to more angst about Edinburgh’s music scene.

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Liam Rudden

Liam Rudden: Chilling nature of killer attraction

I WAS sitting on a train to Brighton when Glenn Chandler, the creator of Taggart, produced a large leather document case from his bag and handed it to me.

Bin bags are a temptation for foxes

Hayley Matthews: Bin there, done that to help fox hunger pangs

Being an animal lover and a bit of a hippie at heart (I have a white fluffy cat cuddling into my shoulder whilst purring and slavering down my back as I type) and living in the city, I’m always aware of the impact us humans have on the wildlife, especially the slinky urban foxes. I’ll tell you about my relationship with foxes and food in a moment but first let me tell you how I decided to talk about these beautifully strong, independent animals.

Conservative Ashley Graczyk celebrates winning in Sighthill/Gorgie. However, despite having the second largest group on the council, it looks unlikikely the Tories will form part of the next administration. Picture: Neil Hanna

Brian Monteith: Council shambles is down to feart Labour

Readers, we are being taken for a ride. The local council elections were more than two weeks ago. The outcome was clear, well, as clear as the ­proportional voting system will allow. Yet, as I write – and for the foreseeable future – our councillors have not been able to form a ruling administration, so that the job of ­running our local services gets done.

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Perusing the properties for sale at the ESPC. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Fiona Duff: Swotting up on housing market

I don’t know what is happening with the Edinburgh property market. We are a few weeks away from a general election (yawn) and teetering on the brink of uncertainty as we break away from the EU.

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The traditional Saturday record shop trip is dying out. Picture: Getty

Kevin Buckle: Art for art’s sake

I hope in the coming months Edinburgh Council looks at its attitude to the arts and who is being reached. Very much as has happened in music where an awful lot of people have been lost somewhere between the banality of Ed Sheeran and the weird cool hipster stuff, the same seems to have happened in the arts in general.

Support services for older people in Edinburgh have been severely criticised by care inspectors

Comment: Care crisis shows this is no way to run our city

The crisis in support services for older people in Edinburgh is blighting hundreds of lives.

Lorna Slater is the 
Green candidate in Edinnburgh North and Leith

Andy Wightman: Green voices vital in Westminster

As the city council sits down to its first full meeting, the voters of Edinburgh are already being canvassed for their opinions and votes for the forthcoming general election. Unlike the local election where Greens put up candidates in every ward in Edinburgh, we are only contesting three seats across Scotland, one of which – Edinburgh North and Leith – is in the Capital.

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Theresa May on what is becoming a well-worn campaign trail. Picture: Getty

Ian Murray: General election not in country’s best interests

I love elections but this snap general election is a step too far. Since 2010, we have asked voters to go to the polls no fewer than ten times. That is a major election every eight months.

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Liz McAreavey is CEO of Edinburgh Chamber Of Commerce. Picture: Scott Louden

Liz McAreavey: What does being world-class actually mean?

I’ve been lucky enough to do some travelling in recent weeks and it’s interesting to compare our culture with others – the warm welcome and hospitality of the East, their work ethic and culture of enterprise, their generosity of spirit and friendship. Perhaps it’s the sunshine that makes everyone happy – it certainly worked for me. Or was it the short relief from the politics of home? No talk of Brexit, General Elections or Indyref2 – bliss.

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An independent report has found serious weaknesses in care for older people in Edinburgh

Comment: Report on care of older people in Edinburgh is truly scathing

Care for older people has always been something of a “Cinderella service”.

Just some of the stunning creations produced by QMU Costume Design students

It’s hard work being a costume drama queen

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life? I don’t mean “Begbie’”hard (count me out on that front; I can barely punch into work some days). No, by hard, I mean difficult – a truly brutal slog for mind, body and soul. Something so fiendishly challenging that it makes swearing your way through the Capital’s tortured traffic network of a morning feel like sauntering through a summer meadow barefoot – maybe minus your bombproofs too. We’re talking grade A, teeth-grindingly, arse-achingly, brain-meltingly impossible. For me, it was doing a degree at Edinburgh University.

Jeremy Corbyn at the launch in Bradford of the Labour Party manifesto. Picture: PA

Ian Swanson: Manifestos get down to election nitty gritty at last

At last, some policies. All parties were taken by surprise when Theresa May called the snap election and the lack of warning means they have had to work fast to pull together their policy platforms.

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Digital tools can help improve educational attainment in our schools. Picture: Dan Phillips

Andrew Hall: Digital delivers in our classrooms

This week marks National Digital Learning Week, an initiative organised by Education Scotland that aims to show how the use of digital technology can enhance learning and teaching, raise attainment and equip young people with important skills for the modern world of work. This year’s theme is “Digital Difference”, with teachers invited to share and celebrate the digital approaches that make a real difference in the classroom.

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