Comment: Capital vote has to come first

While all other eyes are turning to the General Election in June, we will be focused a little closer to home in the coming days.

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Grant Stott

Karen Koren: Grant’s one-man show proves a hit

Grant Stott had a great show at Musselburgh’s Brunton Theatre on Saturday night, with Tales Behind the Mic, his first solo show which sold out at the Fringe last August.

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No its not a crime scene, its just Pc Colin Spence helping out on the Leith litter pick. Picture: Toby Williams

Susan Morrison: I picked my moment to tackle Leith’s litter

It’s amazing what you find under a bush in Leith. We hauled out not just the usual suspects of sunbleached fag packets, faded crisp pokes and dried newspaper pages, but also one random shoe and a pair of matching socks.

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Ruth Davidson believes the general election is a two-horse race between the SNP the Tories. Picture: Getty

Ruth Davidson: Forget tactical voting. The choice on June 8 is clear

Edinburgh has been a magnet for talk of tactical voting in recent elections.

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Hardcover books

Liam Rudden: Publish and be damned

EVERYONE has a book in them. So the old saying goes. Most, thankfully, are unlikely to ever see the light of day, but with the advent of ebooks, more and more are making it into ‘print’. And not just online.

The Skelf Bike Park opened on March 31. Picture: Scott Louden

Fiona Henderson: Patronising the locals ends in tears

We used to have a city centre woodland with wildlife, providing a neighbourhood rendezvous, urban kids’ den-building and a zen zone. Our green space needed tidying, but we in Dumbiedykes valued it.

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Greens aim to boost recycling in the Capital. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Melanie Main: Green City Deal addresses real needs of the Capital

I rarely doubt the sincerity with which members of other parties hold their political beliefs, however much I might disagree with them.

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Substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar in fizzy drinks is not necessarily a good thing

Helen Martin: Food for thought in battle for our health

STATISTICS claim that after a year of sugar tax, sales of sugary drinks should fall by almost ten per cent. Some people, including leading politicians and various branches of the food “police”, will see this as a great breakthrough in the fight against obesity.

An artist's impression of the possible regeneration of Granton Harbour. Picture: contributed

Comment: Is marina plan a new dawn for Granton?

This isn’t how it was supposed to be when the towering flat developments started popping up in Granton.

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The Science Festival is great at providing hands-on fun for little ones. Picture: Allan MacDonald/Edinburgh International Science Festival

Hayley Matthews: I’ve gone from ninja mum to worst mum in the world

So I thought I should start with an introduction, and if you’re thinking “I ken that lassie’s face”, yes, it’s me off the telly, the cheery wee blether from Edinburgh.

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Theresa May deserves a mandate to get her job done. Picture: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Brian Monteith: Time for Nicola to wind in her brass neck

You have to hand it to Nicola Sturgeon – she has some brass neck. After ­berating the Prime Minister over recent months for not having a mandate because she was not elected to office, no sooner has Theresa May called a general election that can give her that ­mandate and she is accused by Nicola Sturgeon of putting her party interests before the country’s.

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Straw shopping bags are THE thing to have on your arm this summer

Fiona Duff: Proud to be a woman of straw

Well that was a bit of a shocker earlier this week, wasn’t it? I mean, one night you go to bed thinking that the world is going a bit crazy and then you wake up to find that it has gone even more bonkers than before.

Orange Juice featured prominently in Big Gold Dream

Kevin Buckle: When music was the only fun in town

It was great to finally get to see the much anticipated Big Gold Dream on Saturday when it received its first national showing on the BBC. Even at 90 minutes it was never going to be able to fit everything in from what is now known as post-punk but it did a good job telling the story of Edinburgh’s Fast Product and Glasgow’s Postcard Records.

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Scientific research has an impact way beyond the walls of classrooms or labs. Picture: Toby Williams

Lewis Hou: Join us on march to show that science won’t be silenced

In a time of such global political turbulence, from humanitarian crises to the “post-truth” right-wing populism sweeping the world, readers may wonder why science is a priority to be concerned about, never mind marching for. However, on Earth Day, this Saturday, people from across the world will be taking a united stand for science, with over 500 marches taking place, including in our own capital.

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Chief Superintendent Kenny MacDonald. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Terror attack led to security review

This month, I’d firstly like to acknowledge the tragic death of Pc Keith Palmer and my thoughts very much remain with all those affected by the terror attack at Westminster.

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The swan's nest with litter floating close by in the Water of Leith

Gerry Farrell: Come on Nicola, put a deposit on tidiness

In case you associate Leith with seagulls, seagulls and more seagulls, I want to put you straight. No fewer than 37 different types of bird have been spotted along The Shore, many of them living and feeding on the water.

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Theresa Mays announcement took everyone by surprise. Picture: AFP/Getty

Ian Swanson: May’s quest for mandate is not so straightforward

After months of insisting in her best “no nonsense” voice that a general election was out of the question any time before the scheduled date of 2020, Theresa May took everyone by surprise with her sudden, untrailed announcement that the country will be going to the polls on June 8.

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Alan Davies at the Carnegie Hall.

Karen Koren: Alan’s back on familiar ground

We had Alan Davies on at Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline with Scott Gibson as part of the That’s Fife Festival, which the Gilded Balloon is organising during April.

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A 2001 ape picks up that all-important bone. Picture: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock

Susan Morrison: Don’t make me go all 2001 on your bahookie

In 2001, A Space Odyssey, there is a moment when an ape-like creature stares at a bone on the ground with an expression of intense primate bafflement, then picks it up.


Helen Martin: Is your councillor qualified for the job?

IS there any point in holding council elections? That’s not questioning local democracy, merely suggesting how distorted the election process has become over the last few decades.

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