Comment: Who would want to run a Capital city?

Drawing lots to decide who gets some senior jobs.

Scotland voted decisively to Remain in the European Union. Picture: PA

Ash Denham: We need a seat at the Brexit table

One year has passed since the EU referendum, when the UK voted to leave the European Union – but Scotland voted decisively to Remain.

Handling a tarantula at Butterfly and Insect World. Picture: Toby Williams

Hayley Matthews: I can cope with two hairy legs, but eight of them?

If you have kids, then the sheer panic of “how do I fill six weeks of activities” might be filling you with the same anxiety that’s its filling me with right now.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, right, shakes hands with Brexit Secretary David Davis. Picture: AP

Brian Monteith: Even Michel knows that we are leaving

A year ago today at 6.30am I walked away from the Brexit referendum results party at the Leave.eu headquarters to catch my flight for a much-needed holiday.

A vigil outside Finsbury Park Mosque following this week's attack. Picture: AFP/Getty

Ewan Aitken: Judge us by how we treat enemies

Recent events in London and Manchester where innocent people have died at the hands of terrorist extremists have caused us all to ask some deeply human questions about the capacity of some people to do evil things to their neighbours in the name of their understanding of truth, be that religious, political or social.

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The Queen walks through the Royal Gallery in the Houses of Parliament before delivering her speech. Picture: AP

Tommy Sheppard: Was this the emptiest Queen’s Speech ever?

Well, this is awkward. I had hoped to use my column this month to bring a digest of the Queen’s Speech. This is where Her Majesty reads out the legislative programme of the government of the day. Only there isn’t one. Well, there is, but it is so vacuous and devoid of content that there might as well not be.

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Ruth Davidson on the campaign trail which eventually delivered 13 Scottish Tory MPs. Picture: John Devlin

John McLellan: Here’s the inside scoop on how Ruth turned tide

It is a new but not uncommon criticism amongst political opponents and sceptical commentators that Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is a one-trick pony who needs the second independence referendum for her continued success.

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Liz McAreavey chief executive of Edinburgh Chamber Of Commerce. Picture: Scott Louden

Liz McAreavey: Enterprise is alive and well but needs support and investment

With Brexit negotiations commencing this week, one year post referendum and less than two years before we are set to leave the EU, Britain has become a central focus for businesses globally. As businesses seek international trade connections outwith the political process, likewise, overseas markets are keen to ensure they maintain a strong relationship with their important trade partner – the UK.

Studio 24 is to close after 22 years as a music venue

Gerry Farrell: End of an era...or end of an earache?

Another one bites the dust. Edinburgh’s live music venues seem to be melting away like Fab ­lollies in a heatwave. ­Studio 24 rocked Calton Road for 22 years; in three days, it’ll be gone forever. That’s how it is – as music changes, venues change.

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David Davis, right, in talks with the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier. Picture: AP

Ian Swanson: EU hold all the cards and Mrs May will soon be gone

THE Brexit talks have begun – but instead of the UK’s hand being strengthened by a general election mandate, David Davis had to start by giving in on the first point of contention, the EU’s preferred timetable for negotiations.

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More can be done to attract new flight routes to Edinburgh and other airports across Scotland

Gordon Macdonald: New airport tax boost for Scotland

As Scotland replaces Air Passenger Duty with a new Air Departure Tax, we now have a unique opportunity to bring even more jobs to Scotland’s economy.

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Ian Murray celebrates holding his seat at the Edinburgh count in Meadowbank. Picture: Neil Hanna

Kezia Dugdale: The seven seats which sent a signal to Sturgeon

TWELVE days ago, ­voters across Scotland returned seven ­Labour MPs. ­People chose to back Labour to send Nicola Sturgeon a message to drop her plans for
a divisive second independence ­referendum and get back to the job of fixing the mess she has made of our public services.

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The Perfect Harmony campaign supports plans for a music school in the Old Royal High School. Pic: Neil Hanna

Comment: Music school ahead in old Royal High battle

The future of the old Royal High has certainly stirred passions.

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Music School pupils launch the Perfect Harmony campaign at the old Royal High

Susan Morrison: Time to put the Harmony Army on a war footing

We all know that this city faces brutal spending decisions, and every penny has to be worked till it screams. It’s only natural, then, that should someone rock up with an idea to revitalise a building like the old Royal High School, you can imagine planners crashing to their knees with tears of gratitude running down their wee faces. A big building like that takes a lot of looking after.

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The Grenfell Tower tragedy has turned the focus on fire safety at highrise blocks across the UK

Comment: Action needed in Edinburgh after Grenfell tragedy

The terrible tragedy at Grenfell Towers has changed how we all see the world.

Chancellor Philip Hammond appears to want a softer approach to Brexit

Leader comment: A scrambled eggs Brexit is on the menu

What is the UK government looking for exactly when Brexit negotiations begin today?

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Flying is not pleasant, but at least Edinburgh Airports customer service was admirable. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Helen Martin: Edinburgh went the extra air mile for me

WHAT makes an airport good or bad? And how many of us fly frequently to and from several different airports enabling us to make a real comparison?

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Dolphins in the Firth of Forth. Picture: Scottish Seabird Centre

Comment: What you can do to protect our wildlife

there is something absolutely captivating about watching dolphins in the wild.

Firefighters at the scene of the Grenfell Tower blaze. Picture: AFP

Hayley Matthews; Selfless acts at a time of tragedy are inspirational

The horrific sights of Grenfell Tower on fire during the week just won’t leave my mind. The sight of people waving from the top floors to then be engulfed by a black cloud of smoke, the descriptions of parents throwing their screaming children from windows in the hope they’ll make it safely to the ground and the footage of the entire tower on fire, knowing there are many people still inside, has left me speechless.

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Comment: Much work to be done by new city council

Today Adam McVey makes history as he becomes the youngest ever leader of the city council.

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