Andrew Burns: Labour’s manifesto for the future of our Capital

Back in November 2016, Edinburgh Labour launched a draft manifesto consultation process, to which we subsequently received over 1000 responses from members of the public.

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Jojo Fraser and daughter . Picture: Anilorak Photography (www.anilorakphotography.com)

JoJo Fraser: Treat yourself on Mother’s Day

With it being Mother’s day tomorrow, I have been thinking about how much my little girl is starting to understand of the world.

Leader: ERI parking charges shouldn’t rise, they should be scrapped

Leader: ERI parking charges shouldn’t rise, they should be scrapped

Plans to hike parking charges at the royal infirmary are just not fair.

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The coffin of Martin McGuinness is carried through the Bogside area of Derry, for burial. Picture: AFP

Helen Martin: History of Troubles casts a long shadow

THE death of Martin McGuinness was always going to bring forth an avalanche of divided opinion, particularly among those who unashamedly defend their sectarian beliefs on one side or the other.

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Rocky is in training to be a ring-bearer

Fiona Duff: Meet Rocky, the lord of the rings

Something happens when you get a dog. I know people who are vaguely sensible but start to go a bit doolally when they become owners of a pooch. I include myself in that group.

A policeman stands guard at the Houses of Parliament, where flags are flying at half-mast. Picture: AFP

Brian Monteith: Brave Pc Palmer died defending our liberty

‘The price of liberty requires eternal vigilance’ was first recorded in 1809 in a biography about Major General James Jackson and later became the better known phrase “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” accredited to the anti-slavery campaigner Wendell Phillips.

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Fireworks light up the sky during the Hogmanay New Year celebrations in Edinburgh.

Comment: What future for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations?

They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Be Like Pablo - quite possibly the only band ever to come from Forres

Kevin Buckle: Knock Sheeran on the Ed and Be Like Pablo

These days when I hear a new song or album I always think about whether it is so good that people will feel they need to own it in a way that actually involves paying out hard cash. Most music to be honest is either not that good or not good enough to be worth somebody’s money.

Amanda Tyndall, creative director of the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Amanda Tyndall: A vital festival for a post-truth world

As the famous astronomer and popular science writer Carl Sagan famously asserted: “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”

Edinburghs Christmas festivities could look very different in 30 years time. Picture: Greg Macvean

Julie Davidson: Festive elegance with the ghost of Christmas future

Christmas, 2050: Edinburgh is elegantly en fete, the Norwegian tree a luminous pillar at the top of The Mound, the trees in Princes Street Gardens defined by pinpoints of white light. “You should have seen the city centre at Christmas in the olden days,” I tell my great-grandchildren, who are now old enough to be admitted to the cafes of New Club Square, where we are admiring the new perspective and subtle floodlighting on the Castle. “Not so much Athens of the North as Disneyworld of the East. Ugh! You couldn’t see the Moon, never mind the stars, for light pollution, and the surge in energy consumption must have advanced global warming by several years.

Armed police officers stand guard on the corner of Parliament Square, near the Houses of Parliament in central London during an emergency incident. 
Police shot dead  a suspected attacker outside the Houses of Parliament in London on after an officer was killed in what police said was a "terrorist" incident. Picture: Getty Images

Comment: Terror attack strikes at heart of our democracy

The horror that will be felt across the country at yesterday’s events in Westminster is impossible to adequately put into words.

Nicola Sturgeon has played her hand well. Picture: Getty

Ian Swanson: May isn’t good enough, Scotland deserves ‘when’

THE Scottish Parliament will tonight officially endorse Nicola Sturgeon’s request for Westminster to hand it the legal authority to hold a second independence referendum between autumn 2018 and spring 2019.

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Chief Superintendent Kenny MacDonald. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Chief Superintendent Kenny MacDonald: Help us to help you on strategy

We are currently spending a lot of our time looking forward . . . Whether that be years into the future, with our policing strategy consultation; the next few weeks and months as we plan for the busy period of events coming up into the summer; or literally just an hour ahead when the clocks change this weekend.

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A fisherman nets a legal salmon - unlike Gerry when he tried his hand at poaching. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Gerry Farrell: Obviously I’m just no good at taking the fish

I probably got the bug for taking fish out of rivers when I was nine and learned how to guddle trout in the Braid Burn Park.

Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, far right, looks good in her skintight leathers as she joins the rest of the Avengers

Susan Morrison: A study in Scarlett as Avengers assemble

The phone should ring any minute. Oh, wait, perhaps they don’t use the phone. I bet they cast a giant image of a slightly annoyed Scottish mum on to the clouds, and that way, I know the call has gone out.

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The Greens look likely to support the SNPs drive for a section 30 order at Holyrood. Picture: John Devlin

Miles Briggs: Scottish Greens have ditched policies for indyref2

Have you ever attended an election hustings? As a candidate at the Holyrood elections last May I attended many, in some cases three each day. These public hustings are a great opportunity for local residents to ask parties where they stand on issues before people give them their vote. At many of the hustings last year the panel was asked if and when they would support a second independence referendum.

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Angel writer Henry Naylor. Picture: Toby Williams

Karen Koren: Fringe inspiration Down Under

I’m in Melbourne on the last leg of my trip to New Zealand and Australia.

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Electing councillors to the City Chambers is nothing to do with the question of whether or not Scotland should be independent. Picture; Scott Taylor

Gavin Corbett: We must not let Tories treat us like children

Councils provide many of the services we treasure. They fund nurseries and run our schools. They ensure there is social care for our older people. They look after our parks, streets, waste collections and libraries. Planning controls shape how our cities and towns look and feel.

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Theresa May's stance is a gift to the SNP. Picture: AFP/Getty

Helen Martin: May’s ignorance of Scotland a gift to SNP

Dear Theresa May . . . as Scottish voters go, I am what is known as a “floater” or, to avoid smutty jokes, an “undecided”.

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Liz McAreavey, chief executive  of Edinburgh Chamber Of Commerce

Liz McAreavey: Let’s show we’re open for business

It seems that each passing month sees political stability further eroded around the world, creating new fundamental problems for our businesses to deal with. The global volatility has manifested itself in Brexit, in the shock Presidential elections in the United States, in the uncertainty surrounding the forthcoming elections across Europe, and now, more recently, in the emergence of Indyref 2.

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