Liam Rudden: Ryrie’s, Bay City Rollers and recognition

I DOUBT Ryrie’s had ever witnessed the like. More than 100 tartan clad Bay City Rollers fans chanting and singing as they awaited the arrival of their heroes, well two of them anyway.

The Sick Kids is due to close in 2018.

Leader: Hospital sale leads to mixed emotions

the news that Edinburgh’s Sick Kids hospital has been put up for sale will be greeted with mixed emotions today.

People gather to witness the ashes of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro being transported past in a farewell procession. Picture; Getty

Brian Monteith: Putting the record straight on Castro

The Who single ‘Wont’ get fooled again’ might as well have been written with Cuba in mind. There are so many lines in its lyrics that apply to Fidel Castro and his failed revolution.

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Shoppers would find it's worth looking further afield than the city centre at Christmas. Picture: contributed

Kevin Buckle: Support your high street shops

It is that time of year again when Edinburgh is flooded with temporary Christmas markets and attractions.

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Christine Grahame: Things get wild when I sit quietly

Now of course you and I know it is winter, but the wummin at the Beeb thinks we are just moving into autumn.


After a weekend of binge shopping, it is heartwarming to see so many people giving to charities, says Lianne Lodge

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday what a relief it was to have Giving Tuesday.

Keir Cran, who died aged 8 and a half of pulmonary hypertension, a rare, incurable, life-shortening disease and not the easiest to diagnose.

Gerry Farrell: PH, the cruel disease that came disguised

Last week was PH Awareness Week. The ‘PH’ stands for pulmonary hypertension. It’s a rare, incurable, life-shortening disease and not the easiest to diagnose.

Christmas has arrived in Capital.

Susan Morrison: All in the best possible taste

Ah, so the giant glitter ball that is the Christmas juggernaut is back in town is it? The city suddenly smells of gluhwein and sausages and the air is rent with the shrieks of teenage girls flying above our heads like a witches coven on a hen night.

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to develop our workforce and provide opportunities to Edinburgh school-leavers. Picture: Michael Gillen

Frank Ross: We’re investing in our children and preparing for the future

I WAS recently privileged to present the awards at the City of Edinburgh Council Modern Apprenticeship Graduation. It was a well-attended event with the graduating apprentices accompanied by family, friends and colleagues.

The average 11-year-old should be able to cook at least 25 dishes from stew to sponge cake making them more independent. Picture: Michael Gillen

Helen Martin: Green code to crack modern parenthood

PARENTING changes radically over generations, and with good reason. Today’s family lifestyles, technology, working hours, foodstuffs, careers, education and expectations would be unrecognisable to someone existing in the 1950s and parenting has to adapt.

Without books and libraries, where will our storytellers of the future discover the love of the printed word? Picture: Ian Georgeson

Tony Black: Don’t let them take our libraries without a fight

EDINBURGH is a city with a fabulous literary reputation. A Unesco city of literature, no less.

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Buildings in the Old Town are starting to crumble

Comment: Appeals to save the Old Town are likely to be regular events

the warning about the risks facing Edinburgh’s historic buildings – and therefore, unavoidably, to all of us who walk beneath them – could hardly be more stark.

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivers his Autumn Statement. Picture: PA Wire

Andrew Burns: Chancellor’s commitment to City Region Deal extremely welcome

THE Chancellor’s restatment of the UK’s commitment to the City Region Deal allows us to press forward with confidence, says Andrew Burns

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As adults we have a duty of care to take young peoples concerns seriously. Picture: John Devlin

Lisa Cohen: Tell young people it okay not to be okay

It’s not often I look back on my life with regrets but as we launched our latest See Me campaign It’s Okay, earlier this week, I reflected that I wish this campaign had been around when my kids were going through their teenage years.

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Philip Hammond would the the archetypal reliable bank manager, if we still had such people. Picture: PA

Brian Monteith: A boring statement is just how it should be

It was the first – and last – Autumn Statement by the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond on Wednesday and he made a pretty good fist of it as these things go. It should be relatively dull and boring, and it was.

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Nicola Sturgeon's government is keen to give all new parents a helping hand - whether they need it or not. Picture: John Devlin

Fiona Duff: Boxing clever is not how they do things at Holyrood

When a government is elected, whether or not one actually voted for them, it is my understanding that they are there to try and do their best for the people they represent. The priorities should be health and education, with a bit of help for businesses and those in society most in need of support.

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Is it time to shake up our reading habits?

Philippa Cochrane: Venture out of your comfort zone for Book Week Scotland

Scotland’s national celebration of reading, Book Week Scotland, is well and truly under way this week. On the first day, Scottish Book Trust released the results of a recent Ipsos mori poll which found that crime is by far and away the most popular fiction genre in Scotland. The survey also found that almost 80 per cent of Scots read or listen to books for enjoyment, with nearly half of them doing so every day. We are clearly a nation that enjoys reading, but is it time to shake up our reading habits before they get a bit too “Groundhog Day”?

Edinburgh Athletic Club reacted to the Meadowank rebuild plan with anger

Richard Lewis: There is no Plan B for Meadowbank

Meadowbank has served Edinburgh well over the past five decades, hosting two Commonwealth Games and countless international and national sports events, but clearly at almost 50 years old it is reaching the end of its lifespan.

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Donald Trump was not always persona non grata in Scotland. Picture: AP/Evan Vucci

Ian Swanson: We can’t duck issue of how to deal with The Donald

NEW American president Donald Trump could make a state visit to the UK next year – and even be invited to address both houses of parliament.

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Moths don't eat your clothes - their babies are the toothy villains

Gerry Farrell: Nature red in tooth and claw is the hole story for our clothes

Sunday night is Planet Earth Night and this week, national treasure Sir David Attenborough took us on a wee tour round the world’s jungles. Well, not him personally. He doesn’t hack his way through vegetation in sweaty khaki any more. But we still get close up and personal with some very strange creatures. Rolling across the Peruvian jungle floor, its head glowing red, its sides lit up with green panels like train windows, comes the railroad worm. It’s searching for millipedes. When it senses one, it switches off its green lights. Only its red head stays aglow. But millipedes have limited vision. They can’t see red. So chomp, chomp. Off with their heads.

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