Health chiefs say hospitals and services risk closure


Edinburgh’s poshest care home to open in Cramond

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Ian Swanson: SNP need a plan to deal with the Corbyn surge - and quickly

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Boris Johnson compares Maori greeting to ‘Glasgow kiss’

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Reading standards in Scotland falling behind UK, study warns

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Nicola Sturgeon calls Brexit Repeal Bill a ‘naked power grab’

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hwill meet with the EU's Brexit neogitator. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

‘Involve Scots in Brexit’ - Nicola Sturgeon tells Theresa May

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Google survey suggests backing for Scottish independence at 57%

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Jeremy Corbyn and Alex Salmond to appear at Edinburgh Festival

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Subjects on offer at different schools vary greatly

‘Vast gap’ in choice of Higher subjects between schools

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Visitors are shown the interior of the new high flats at Muirhouse in Edinburgh February 1966.

Story of the Capital’s slums to be told in forthcoming art project

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Joined by daughters Carolyn and Margaret Mr Horne returned to Normandy for the first time. Picture: Contributed

D-Day veteran returns to Normandy for first time in 73 years

The debate was streamed live on the Edinburgh Evening News.

Party leaders clash ahead of city election

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60 prominent Scots claim Brexit is ‘tearing Britain apart’

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is expected to make an announcement later on today. Picture: SWNS

Nicola Sturgeon set to make an announcement on indyref2

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The European Union's chief negotiator Michel Barnier apeaks alongside the UK's Brexit minister  David Davis at exit talks yesterday. Picture; Getty

Scotland’s economy: plan to keep EU workers in Scotland revealed

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The SNP and Labour have signed a formal coaltion deal to form an administration at Edinburgh's City Chambers. Picture: Ian Georgeson

SNP and Labour formally sign coalition deal to run Edinburgh

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