Here are the 12 least busy GPs in Edinburgh.Here are the 12 least busy GPs in Edinburgh.
Here are the 12 least busy GPs in Edinburgh.

How busy is my GP? Here are 11 GPs with the fewest number of patients per GP in Edinburgh

How easy do you find booking an appointment at your local GP surgery?

Figures published by Public Health Scotland show GP practices across Scotland usually have thousands of patients on their books. The latest data shows there are more than 5,000 GPs working across 921 surgeries across Scotland, as of 1 January 2022.

An average surgery has 6,349 patients but some practices have a much higher GP-to-patient ratio than others – or much lower. Here we reveal the least busy GP surgeries in Edinburgh in terms of their GP-to-patient ratio.

The analysis excludes GPs working only on a locum or sessional basis and those working only in Out of Hours service locations. We have also omitted practices which have no registered GPs or patients.