19 nostalgic Edinburgh photos from when the city was a beer-making powerhouse with a staggering 40 breweries

With the news Edinburgh's historic Caledonian Brewery is set to make way for new housing, we look back to the days when the city was an brewing powerhouse, famed for its beer.

As reported in the Evening News, Artisan Real Estate has ageed a deal with Heineken UK to build 170 homes at the 1.9-acre Caledonian Brewery site on Slateford Road, which closed in 2022 after more than 150 years of brewing in the Capital.

In many ways, it’s the end of an era. At the turn of 20th century, there were almost 40 active breweries in Edinburgh, the culmination of several centuries of beer-making tradition and expertise. These days, the majority of the city’s major breweries have vanished, with Caledonian Brewery the last to fall.

All is lost, though. A number of independent microbreweries have appeared in the Capital in recent years, ensuring that Edinburgh’s proud brewing tradition is alive and well.

Take a look through our photo gallery to see 19 images from back when Edinburgh was still a brewing powerhouse.

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