Footage shows Edinburgh woman being followed by police officers after leaving anti-monarchy protest on the Royal Mile

A young woman who held up a piece of blank paper at an anti-monarchy protest in Edinburgh claims she was followed by Police Scotland officers.

The protester, who filmed the incident, alleges that two officers followed her from the Royal Mile all the way to Claremont.

She is believed to be part of a group who gathered near St Giles' Cathedral on Tuesday, holding blank sheets of paper to defend people's right to protest.

The footage appears to show two male police officers following behind the young protester.

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It then shows her confronting the pair. She can be heard asking them: "Why are you following me? Just stopping when I'm stopping, walking when I'm walking?"

In the footage, neither denies shadowing her, with one officer replying: "We're just following, we're just making sure there's no disorder in the city centre today, that's all."

He then asks the protester where she lives, however, she refuses to give them her address, saying: “I'm not going to tell you where I stay if you are going to follow me there."

A young woman has claimed that two police officers followed her after she attended a protest on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. (Credit: John Devlin)

He replies: "We are just making sure there's no disorder in the city centre."

The young woman then asks the pair: "What am I going to do by myself? I was just holding a white piece of sign earlier. That's so disorderly.”

The police officer says: "No, we are just making sure there's no disorder, that's what I'm saying."

It is unclear whether the woman was followed any further by the police. However, it has been reported that she was not arrested.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are aware of the social media post and its content is being assessed.”

Since the Queen’s death, concerns have been raised around freedom of speech and the right to protest the monarchy.

At least four people were arrested during the ceremonies in Edinburgh following the death of the monarch – but Police Scotland would not confirm the full number.

A 22-year-old woman – who had been seen holding a sign which said ‘f*** the monarchy’ – was arrested in the Royal Mile during the King Charles III’s public Accession ceremony.

Police also arrested a 22-year-old man and a 52-year-old man on Monday.