Edinburgh lifeboat crew called out to save people in the water near Cramond Island and Portobello

Volunteers from RNLI Queensferry were called out to help several people struggling in the water last Saturday afternoon.

They were alerted at 2.13pm on Saturday, August 13, after local UK Coastguard personnel spotted two people in the water at Cramond Island whilst on routine patrol.

By the time the lifeboat arrived, the pair had made it back to the island, but were wet up to the waist. They were recovered and transported back to Cramond Village.

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As they handed the pair over to coastguard personnel, RNLI Queensferry Lifeboat volunteers were immediately alerted to a person in the water at Portobello.

The boat sped towards the location, however, it got as far as Leith when the crew were told that the person had managed to self-recover.

After being stood down from the incident, the volunteers received a report of 13-meter house boat with steering failure near Grangemouth.

The crew arrived on scene and towed the boat, which had travelled from Finland, back to Port Edgar.

The RNLI Queensferry Lifeboat was sent out to rescue two people stranded on Cramond Island.

The lifeboat then returned to Hawes Pier, where it was refuelled, washed and made ready for service.

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In March, 28 people had to be rescued from Cramond Island in the space of one weekend.

Adele Allan, RNLI Queensferry Lifeboat press officer, urged anyone planning on visiting the island to “please prepare in advance”.

She said: “By no means try to cross when the tide is already coming in across the causeway. It comes in fast, surrounding the island, the currents are unpredictable and the causeway becomes far more hazardous when covered by water.

Visitors should also carry a method of communication which can be used to call the Coastguard on 999.