Just Eat Cycles to roll out further hire points in west of the Capital

Edinburgh's new cycle scheme is to introduce 20 new hire points across the city to meet growing user demand.

Just Eat Cycles is expanding with more bikes and stations in the Capital
Just Eat Cycles is expanding with more bikes and stations in the Capital

Just Eat Cycles was launched in September with an initial 200 bikes across 24 hire points in the Capital. Since then, the scheme has continued to expand and now boasts 320 bikes and 31 hire points.

But the operators are not stopping there with an additional 17 virtual cycle hire points and three docked hire points set to be introduced in the run up to Hogmanay and an extra 30 by the end of January.

This includes a number of stations in the west and south of the city centre for the first time, including Saughton, Morningside, Leith, Newington and Marchmont.

Among the new stations which will be introduced are: Morningside Park, Marchmont Crescent, Dalry Road and Gibson Terrace.

The locations have been recommended by users and the general public as well as feedback from the city council, universities and private landowners.

Cyclists in the south-west of the city have previously bemoaned the lack of cycle points in their quarter as part of the initial roll-out.

Transport for Edinburgh chief executive George Lowder, MBE, said: “This roll out strategy will bring a number of areas into the scheme’s network for the first time, not only helping users make the journey’s they want to, but will encourage more people to use the scheme to complement the modes of transport they already use.

“We are extremely grateful for 187 suggestions put forward so far for new cycle hire points via the website. All of these sites are being considered as part of our ongoing network planning.”

A total of 9,278 trips have been made in the opening nine weeks of the scheme with demand being at its highest in the north of the city.

It is intended that 500 bikes will be on the streets by the turn of the year while Serco is currently working on a new electric-assisted bike with the hope of introducing them to the Capital in 2019 to make the journey even easier for riders.

Serco also runs the service in London and the technology is also being used in Trondheim and Bergen in Norway.

Charles Graham, general manager of Just Eat Cycles, said: “As the scheme begins to expand into areas where demand is growing, now is an ideal time to secure an annual pass and begin using the scheme to explore or access different areas of Edinburgh on two wheels.”

Virtual Cycle Hire Points – to be rolled out by the end of 2018:

· Dalry Road (Lidl)

· Gibson Terrace

· Bainfield Drive

· Dundee Terrace

· Morningside Park

· Colinton Road

· Marchmont Crescent

· Warrander Park Road

· Meadow Place

· Thirlestane Road

· Whitehouse Loan

· Simon Square

· Lutton Place

· South Trinity Road / Ferry Road

· Summer Place / Inverleith Terrace

· East London Street

· Macdonald Road

· Leith Walk (Dalmeny Street)

Docked Cycle Hire Points – to be rolled out in 2018:

· Victoria Park (replacement cycle hire point)

· Bio-quarter

· Castle Terrace