Man mocks Council with Photoshop protest against Princes Street barriers

A man has mocked the council by creating artwork of the Princes Street barriers at other world landmarks in a protest.

Kyle O’Neil created the images on his social media account after the Council erected 10ft high hoardings to stop passers-by from getting a glimpse of performers, that also obscured the view of Edinburgh Castle.

Many members of the public took to social media to vent their distaste at the barriers, stating that Princes Street Gardens is a public park area and that iconic views of Edinburgh Castle should not be undermined by commercial events.

Benches along Princes Street also had barriers put in front of them to prevent anyone standing on them to look over the railings.

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However, Mr O’Neil went a step further, questioning if any other city in the world would carry out such an action, and photoshopping the same Princes Street fences at other landmarks.

The images show the Princes Street barriers in front of the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the House of Commons and Times Square in New York.


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The artwork was inspired by David Hunter who tweeted: “I’m sure someone with better digital photo skills than me can do a great thread on this - Eiffel Tower? Statue of Liberty/ Taj Mahal..? Any takers?”

And Kyle O’Neil stepped up by creating the artwork that questioned the council and organiser’s decision to maintain the barriers.