Compass points the way to help with our health - Fiona Duff

Now I know I usually write a load of nonsense here, but this week it’s something a bit more serious.

By Fiona Duff
Thursday, 7th April 2022, 7:00 am
Compass Oxygen Chamber - Nancy Campbell (CEO), Jemma Fegan (Engagement Officer and a client), Charlotte Encombe (Chair)
Compass Oxygen Chamber - Nancy Campbell (CEO), Jemma Fegan (Engagement Officer and a client), Charlotte Encombe (Chair)

Last Wednesday I went to an event at the Apex Hotel in the Grassmarket. We stood around admiring the view from the penthouse function room, but knew that we were there to listen to various people speak about an Edinburgh based charity.

Formerly called Multiple Sclerosis Lothian Treatment Centre, we were all gathered to celebrate it being re-branded as Compass.

You may wonder why this was happening. Well, just as well for you that I was there so I can now explain. Apparently one in five Scots have some sort of neurological condition. This seems a heck of a lot, but then I thought about it a bit. I know people with MS, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinsons, ME and various other conditions that affect their lives.

So Compass has opened its arms to all who can now access the treatments that they offer. Not only is there physiotherapy and a rather splendid oxygen tank (in which people are given pure O2 that can make a huge difference), but everyone talks about the support of meeting others at the centre. Talking to people who have similar problems can be so helpful, and gives the feeling of inclusion rather than exclusion.

Most of these medical problems cannot be cured, but something like Compass can offer sufferers the hope of living the best life that they can. Those who have used the oxygen therapy talk of being more mobile and also being able to cut back on pain relief medication. The latter has to be good for one’s general health to say the least.

Currently the centre is being revamped to make better use of the space, but re-opens on 11 April and there’s also a rather snazzy website ( which was rather kindly designed by the Leith Agency.

So the likelihood is that, like me, you will know more than one friend who has a neurological condition. Please tell them not to give up hope, but instead head to Compass in Leith.