General election should be about climate and living standards crises – Cammy Day

Edinburgh is tackling the tough issues that this general election should be about, writes Cammy Day.
Climate emergency: Edinburgh is taking action (Picture: John Devlin)Climate emergency: Edinburgh is taking action (Picture: John Devlin)
Climate emergency: Edinburgh is taking action (Picture: John Devlin)

As you read this, we’re only days away from our hastily called general election, with candidates and activists pounding the wintry streets looking for your support.

The country and our capital city need a new government; one that cares about people, invests in public services and will be bold in challenging the major issues of climate change and poverty in the 21st century

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This election is about the crisis of living standards and the climate emergency but we’re already ahead of the curve in setting a bold commitment of zero carbon by 2030 and we need the support of the whole city to make effective change.

Whatever your position on this, we cannot continue to do more of the same.

Labour’s plans for a Green New Deal will kick start a Green industrial revolution will see around one million jobs created across the United Kingdom.

Have your say on a more sustainable future

Meeting our 2030 target is going to require big changes from all of us to the way we live and work.

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It presents a huge opportunity to improve our quality of life and shape a city that is healthier, more sustainable, and fairer for everyone.

We’re starting to have a conversation with everyone in the city to understand what they think about the issue.

Our Edinburgh Talks Climate Survey is designed to raise awareness of the climate emergency and to gauge resident views and attitudes on actions we can take to help.

We’ve already had a great response and positive feedback to our survey, with more than 500 responses in only two weeks.

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Respondents are telling us that local action is a priority and they are willing to act, yet, there are some recognisable barriers preventing them from doing so.

Please take the time to have your say here:

Time for a change

Meanwhile, as the Edinburgh Poverty Commission puts forward its interim recommendations, it’s startling to see over £80 million of Department for Work and Pensions’ benefits unclaimed in our capital city.

In many of the discussions we’ve had with local people and community projects, in-work poverty is by far the biggest issue we face.

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With over 80,000 people in poverty, increasing use of foodbanks and continued draconian sanctions on people trying to get by – it really is time for change.

Edinburgh Labour supports the work of the Poverty Commission and will continue to engage with our citizens, with trade unions and the business community to deliver a fairer, living wage capital city where people are more equal.

A Labour Government will see the end to Universal Credit and it will invest in public services and much more – I only wish the Scottish Government would do the same!

For real change in Edinburgh, and a new government that cares about people, this Thursday 12th December – vote Labour and, in my own constituency of Edinburgh North and Leith, be sure to back Gordon Munro as your MP.

On behalf of Edinburgh Labour, I’d like to wish you all the very best for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cammy Day is Labour group leader on Edinburgh City Council