Young vandals need warned off bad behaviour - Kenny MacAskill

Lighter evenings have returned and better weather is upon us. With lockdown restrictions still applying its been enjoyable for most but been abused by a few.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 1st April 2021, 7:00 am

Sadly, there’s been an increase in anti-social behaviour, some of which has been extremely dangerous and all of which has been unwelcome and damaging.

Attacks on buses are potentially lethal for drivers but also for passengers and other road users. Lives are at risk and the action taken by the bus operator in stopping services briefly was perfectly understandable. It just cannot be tolerated and action is required.

Communities, though, have to assist in this, it cannot all be resolved by the police. The names of these youngsters are known to quite a few in many areas and it’s important that they’re reported to the authorities.

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Most are simply hangers-on who’ve got caught up with bad company. But to allow the police to take action against the real perpetrators, those simply along for a supposed thrill or acting out of boredom need warned off.

It’s only a small minority of youngsters who’ve been perpetrating that or carrying out acts of vandalism that have afflicted many communities. But mindless acts harm communities and damage civic assets which are often neither cheap nor easy to replace.

Of course, a return to school and a reopening of sports and other clubs will help to burn off excess energy in many youngsters. Life hasn’t been easy and the vast majority have behaved remarkably well and endured stoically.

But the few attacking buses or property also bully and intimidate their peers, which is why information as to who they are should be provided.

Most often it is just ignorance and there’ll be issues to resolve, as challenging youngsters are usually also challenged ones. They’ll need help and support, but they’re behaviour still needs checked.