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Bin strikes set to continue across Scotland as unions reject latest pay offer, while in Edinburgh major clear up under way as waste and cleansing services resume for now after a first wave of strikes by council bin workers came to an end – but the piles of rubbish littering the streets of the Capital are expected to take some time to clear.
Strikes in cleansing and education are set to go ahead next week after a union rejected the latest offer from local authorities. Photo: Lisa FergusonStrikes in cleansing and education are set to go ahead next week after a union rejected the latest offer from local authorities. Photo: Lisa Ferguson
Strikes in cleansing and education are set to go ahead next week after a union rejected the latest offer from local authorities. Photo: Lisa Ferguson

Catherine Miller

They will need to refund the council tax and garden rubbish bin charges too surely, as they are not doing what our tax pays for.

Warren Burrows

What plan is Cammy working on now I wonder and how much is the council tax rebate for services paid for but not received?

Sharon Clark

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If that is the case everyone deserves a pay rise, not just the council workers. I don't agree with their strike.

Kirsty Ann Fraser

I fully support the strike. In fact I'd support a general strike. It's high time people actually started standing up for themselves instead of waiting for something to happen. The unions are right to refuse the offer. I'm glad it was done in the festival to illustrate the point, it's making the news - which is the point. Other organisations will follow suit.

Julie Logan

Resume? There hasn't been a settlement. Pay the ground workers a decent wage!

Louise Gray

So embarrassing for the city to be seen like this.

Peter Anderson

It's a Scotland issue not a local council issue. Only Sturgeon and her SNP government can solve this with a decent deal for the council emplyees, so the blame is firmly on them. Glasgow and other councils still have two days to go and the bin strike begins on 7 September once more in Edinburgh if no settlement is reached.

Ross Crawford

At least Bute House has had their bins collected!

Allan Kerr

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Good! Well done the unions, actually listening to their members! At least some unions do!

Michelle Campbell Blyth

The cost of living has gone up, so these people should get their wages upped.

Graeme Fargie

I’m 100 per cent behind them. They deserve more money for the important and hard job they have got.

Hayley Weddell

It’s 7am on Slateford Road and an elderly woman is picking up litter. Hands up to her but come on, it's not the elderly’s job. I can't even stand at the bus stop, it's filthy.

Ddavie El

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And all the overtime they are going to gain tidying up that right old mess.

Jean Irvine

Sad thing about a strike is that nobody wins, everyone loses.

John Gray

There is an easy fix to this. We have the council's last offer, and then the council just needs to set up a GoFundMe account that everyone who thinks it should be higher can pay in to. The no doubt substantial amount raised can be split among the workers and everyone goes away happy.

Steven Mcdonald

We’ve been lucky not to have high winds – it would be raining rubbish.

Jordan Brown

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It’s spotless around the parliament, not one bit of litter anywhere! Maybe we should be dumping our rubbish down there!

Graham Gray

It's a wonder the piles of rubbish haven't been set alight.

NHS Scotland

NHS in Scotland faces 'really challenging winter', concedes Humza Yousaf

Pauline Downie

Get doctors’ surgeries back open to pre-pandemic levels. Give the nurses and all NHS workers a decent pay rise.

Louise Allan

I hate to break it to you Humza, but every winter is really challenging.

Kelly McGill

With him at the helm, sounds about right.

Terry Brennan

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Looking at the wider picture, if Scotland is going to have trying time this winter just think about England where the NHS is already creaking badly.

Andrew Walker

Get your excuses in early so we don’t talk about the years of underinvestment.

Ali Grieve

Everyone will be going to hospital for warmth.

Angela Burns

GPs should be seeing their patients. I was in my surgery last week and asked for an appointment with my doctor and the receptionist said it had to be phone consultation and it's up to the doctor if they want to see you face to face. It's ridiculous, how can you diagnose over the phone? No wonder so much is getting missed.


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