Extending Edinburgh bus lane times - your views online

Edinburgh bus lanes set to become operational seven days a week from 7am to 7pm

Janice Scott

What are they trying to do to the city - make it a no go area? They want folks to use public transport- what about those that can’t- they still need to be in their car or whatever transport they need. Edinburgh has always been bad at catering for disabled folks and it’s getting worse

Barry Macpherson

Absolute madness. Having bus lanes from 4.5 hours to 12 hours which you don't need or want is gonna cause chaos and this administration is just going on from the previous one in the exact same manner. Clearly doesn't matter which party is in control it's obviously the Greens and Sustrans who have all the power.

Robert Gilchrist

Traffic management certainly is an issue in Edinburgh. There are thousands of higher end housing going up round airport, Dalkeith and outskirts of Edinburgh, especially places like Winchburgh et al. Each of these households will have one or two cars. This should have been factored in and developers should have been involved in building the infrastructure for the free flowing of this traffic from developments they will be making a killing from anyway. For a start the whole of the bypass should have an extra lane running each way. This should have happened decades ago. Edinburgh was an expanding confident city which folk wanted to live in. This would always mean traffic and lots of it. We have one of the best public transport systems inothian Buses in the world. But folk at the end of the day like cars and if they invest in their expense they will want to use them.

Scott Brown

How about repairing the roads we have that are dangerous for all that use them instead of trying to make more £ from fines?

David Smith

Not before time they re-opened the South Sub. I am a former car driver who uses a mobility scooter for short journeys and buses for longer trips. Lothian Buses do their best, but it takes an age to get anywhere because of the state of the roads, so the re-opening of the South Sub is welcome news.

Tony Blair

You would think after their last failed try doing this along Goggar to Newbridge that this just causes traffic build up and tailbacks. Personally I can't remember last time I bothered coming into Edinburgh - it's just not worth the hassle.

Ruby Young

This is so they can bring in a congestion charge! They have made a mess of its streets.

Graham Alexander

All part of the grim new normal. plan. They (not us) are all in this together. Follow the money. Follow the slogans!

Collette Halley

Whose bright idea was it to have bicycle lanes? Dangerous eyesore. Never see cyclist on them. A waste of precious space.

Mike Williamson

Good, I hate it when my bus gets stuck in traffic. There'd be a lot less traffic if more of us used the bus!

Corinna Logan

All for visitors, no consideration for local residents. This will just cause more more mayhem.

Clara Macleod

This is absolutely mental. I normally work Sat/Sun and the bus lanes are never congested enough to justify that. In fact the Calder Road lanes used to be Saturday under the last Labour administration but were taken back to five days because there was no need. Prepare to see them ramped up instead.

Marcell Paul Novii

The slowest road work in the world!

Joyce Marshall

Doesn’t work. Causes more congestion, not less. Saw it all before in Nineties Canada.

Chris Kirkland

Aye, because Sunday at 7am it’s a total pain getting into Edinburgh due to traffic levels!

Dionne Mcmillan

That might make sense if bus lanes didn’t go so stupidly close to traffic lights on split lane roads where you end up having to cause a traffic jam to either go straight ahead or turn right because you can’t go into the correct lane until the very last second. All this is going to cause is more traffic jams.

Lorraine McFadyen

Are half these counsellors taking illegal substances? Roads are a joke as it is. Buses run at a reduced service on a Sunday, so what’s the point in this? Absolute lunacy and we the taxpayers are paying for muppets like this to come up with these ideas!

Kate Joester

Fabulous! Should really help folk who have work or appointments outside standard rush hours, and encourage more people to rely on buses as they'll be more reliable.