Nicola Sturgeon said the “fiscal position” of the UK and Scotland had been “turned upside down” - your views online

"No sterling in Stirling under these jokers.”

Monday, 19th April 2021, 7:00 am
First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon, said the economic analysis of an independent Scotland needs updating.

Scotland’s choice

Nicola Sturgeon said the “fiscal position” of the UK and Scotland had been “turned upside down”

David Kew

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Scotland is BIG enough 34% of the UK landmass with only 8.4% of the UK population. Scotland is RICH enough 34% of the UK natural resources with only 8.4% of the UK population. Scotland is SMART enough we invented the modern world we know today. Scotland is also on track to achieving 100% renewable energy this year. Scotland also lands 62% of all UK fish and has 90% of the UK fresh water supply.... 96% of the UK crude oil production and 60% of the UK natural gas production... 60% of of UK forestry.... 62% of UK maritime area and 90% of UK hydro capacity. The Scottish government does not have a deficit. #BothVotesSNP.

Valerie Guppy

We have got many Scots living in England I am wondering if they all return Scotland we will be overcrowded. Many of my Scottish friends do not want to be a separate country.

Elaine Logan

What’s 9% of £394 billion? Just trying to work out Scotland’s share of the UK Covid crisis bill. I wonder if Nicola is including that in her updated figures. Or maybe she’s forgotten about that as well! Got a spare £35 billion Nicola?

Scott Robertson

More to the point, where is the money coming from for all these freebies you are promising? You didn't offer them before when things were ticking along, now all of a sudden we are in massive debt yet there's a huge money tree appeared.

Sandra Scoular

My votes go to SNP.

Jimmy Watson

It’s me and only me this is about. Everyone else is wrong and I can’t answer any of your queries. I just blame Boris, and don’t expect any of the freebies I am offering because I won’t remember these promises.

Alan Bowen

Trying to make the figures fit the argument again, Ms Sturgeon?

Wesley A Blackwell

So if the fiscal position is upside down because of Brexit, I'm sure it will be fine during Scexit?

George Hannah

I can't believe her as she supported indy before, so she's for indy regardless of cost and hurt to lives. Quite unsettling really.

Vic Weddell

Any report must be 100 per cent independent or it’s worthless.

David Black

What is happening now with the SNP is what happens with every political party/ organisation/ business, they become arrogant to the point they make statements and promises only a fool would believe. They are now becoming a joke with their promises of free this, free that, build this, build that, money thrown everywhere. Yet when the economics are put under the microscope, what does she say? The figures are out of date. Well explain what they should be in detail, Nicola.

Seán Óg

We are nation of well educated people with our own parliament, legal system, police force and health service - among other things. We are held in high regard by our fellow Europeans and Scandinavian neighbours. The sun will rise the day after independence. And if I have to pay for my own prescriptions, then so be it. #indy2 #endlondonrule

Paul Taylor

Do they still have oil at $125 a barrel? Swinney's magic money tree suffering from blight? Can it cope with the new £40 billion in election bribes/promises/pie in the sky?

Paul Taylor

Gobsmacked to hear Nicola admit the economic implications for an independent Scotland hasn't been updated since before the last indy referendum in 2014. The whole economic justification for another once in a lifetime vote hasn'tbeen investigated. The reason the SNP urged its supporters to vote remain was because it made an independent Scotland economically untenable.

Ben Michael Ward

I personally will not pay for this nationalist project and will move abroad.

Damien Davies

No sterling in Stirling under these jokers.

Paul Ryan

If Scotland goes independent where does that leave us – isolated, out of the UK and the EU. And if you think Brexit was complicated, wait till we are in that situation with water and borders all round us, more tariffs and rules. Don't kid yourself it will all be milk and honey. I won't and any decent person wouldn't put their families through that hardship! The hatred of the English needs to stop.

Douglas Richards

Ah well, can’t be as bad as another 10 years under the Tories.