Readers' letters: Liz Truss ignores Nicola Sturgeon at her peril

So the best way to deal with attention seekers like Nicola Sturgeon is to ignore them, says Liz Truss.

Perhaps then we should all ignore Ms Truss? She herself is not averse to seeking attention with announcements like her £30 billion tax giveaway which most independent economists agree is money she simply will not have available. Another Truss U-turn would be required, which comes with promising the Earth to get into power.

Ms Truss went on to add that she expects her policies to apply throughout the UK, which we can only take to mean that she intends to ride a coach and horses through the devolution settlement. Again an attention seeking announcement she will have to backtrack on unless she is planning a dictatorship.

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Like our current Prime Minister she seems to have no respect for SNP leaders in Westminster and Holyrood even although Ms Sturgeon is still by some way the most popular leader in Scotland, and democratically elected to lead our nation, a fact to remember even if we don’t all agree with her policies.

Liz Truss is the frontrunner in the Tory leadership race

Whether it is looking to crush the unions or paying public sector workers differently depending on where they live, Ms Truss does much to seek attention and court controversy just as her hero Margaret Thatcher did, to the consternation of much of the nation. Don’t be surprised then if Truss seeks to resurrect the poll tax in a different name, nothing would surprise me as she desperately seeks attention to secure the highest office in the UK.

The difference with Truss is that she has a track record of a lady who is for turning – she has to, given she seeks attention all the time and has to backtrack.

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Neil Anderson, Edinburgh

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Honest politician

In recent times we have been crying out for politicians who tell the truth. It is therefore odd that when Liz Truss does exactly that in calling Nicola Sturgeon an attention seeker she gets castigated for it.

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Liz's honesty and willingness to be open and honest will get my vote.

Ken Currie, Edinburgh

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Pots and kettles

I am no fan of Liz Truss. How can she justify her comments about attention seeking?

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An attention seeker is someone who takes selfies at every opportunity with celebrities, at high-profile events and tries to attract attention by commenting on matters outside his or her remit and at events where he or she has no locus. An attention seeker would take advantage of pandemics to maximise public appearances on and in the media. An attention seeker would promote other issues to deflect attention from failings in his or her day job.

How dare you, Liz.

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Fraser MacGregor, Edinburgh

Questions, questions

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Having read letters in the Evening News of 3 August it looks like supporters of Independence are seeing the issue through rose-tinted glasses.

It is suggested if we were independent we would have lots of revenue from North Sea oil and gas. Yet the SNP/Greens want to stop oil and gas being extracted from the North Sea so how would we get revenue from that?

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It has already been reported that as from 2024 all new-build houses will not be allowed to fit gas boilers so we will need to increase our supply of electricity – do we have the capacity for this?

So many really important issues and questions that the Scottish Government is just not answering. We can’t be expected to just blindly vote for independence without knowing if we can afford it or how long exactly it will take before we would truly be independent.

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Susan Smart, Penicuik

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