Scottish pubs get the green light to bring back live music as long as there is no singing or dancing - your views online

"Here folks, cinemas are open...but you need to wear a blindfold!”
Degrassi play at Bannermans bar in the CowgateDegrassi play at Bannermans bar in the Cowgate
Degrassi play at Bannermans bar in the Cowgate

Pub music

Scottish pubs get the green light to bring back live music - as long as there is no singing or dancing

Keith Dyet

Instrumentals only! Apache 40 times, oh, and Green Onions.

Ralph MacGillivray

Aye, and nobody make a noise watching the Cup Final on Saturday either.

David Fox

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It’s a big loss if you are a mobile DJ who is losing out for parties, especially for weddings.

Ian Buchanan

Ha ha ha, so when we are in a pub we’ll be listening to an orchestra! We’ll no be able to play the jukebox next...

Mark Anderson

What's the problem? Most of you can't sing, and dance like you've a stick up your backsides anyway, so this feels like a good thing.

Joyce Nicoll

Yes, God forbid that we actually enjoy ourselves!

Charlie Kilgour

I have been doing instrumental music for years and can't get gigs. My time has come. Yippee!

Laura Pearson

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This is beyond ridiculous, I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry about this. Saying that, we probably aren’t allowed to do that either.

Scott Shaw

Karaoke in the back garden it is.

Michael Graham

String quartets are all right then?

Nick Paolozzi

Scottish Puritanical Party.

Sandra Stewart

When you were used to spending your Saturday in Bannermans jigging about to the Rab Howat Band, then up to Whistle Binkies for Safehouse, Size Queen, Rosie Blue or the Black Jazz Blues Band, then the Scotsman for Dougie Rush or Rantum Scantum, this news curdles my waim. I would rather stay in the house!

Mark Patterson

Keep your eye out for Kevin Bacon, there will be no dancing in this town. Gonna cut Footloose.

Sueanna Stronach

Oh me. We should just storm the streets singing the Proclaimers.

James Melvin

Getting more Handmaid’s Tale territory every day!

Michael Gordon

I thought her name was Sturgeon, not Cromwell.

John Smith

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We are going to turn into China, doing all of the state run exhibitions on how happy we all are with our chairwoman Sturgeon.

Peter Deigan

It's time to play the music; it's time to light the lights; it's time to meet the SNP on the Muppet Show tonight.

Mark Conroy

Here folks, cinemas are open...but you need to wear a blindfold!

Paul Demarco

Events and hospitality are getting an absolute battering as per usual.

Vaccine passport

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A type of “vaccine passport” has been launched in Scotland, with people planning to travel abroad able to get access to proof of vaccination

John Keating

Just gone onto the site and downloaded all the info. Very comprehensive, dates and times of vaccinations, where given, vaccine type etc, etc.

Peter Rintoul

This does not guarantee trips abroad. If you take Portugal which at present is the only 'popular' country on the green list, you need test to go, test while there and test when you come back.

Paul Inglis

The service is only for those planning to travel to a country where proof of vaccination status is required. There are currently no countries requiring this for travellers from Scotland, but the situation may change quickly, the Scottish government said.

Gary Donaldson

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You need them for most cruises leaving from the UK this summer, even if they stay in UK waters.

David A Brown

Will wait for electronic version for next year’s holidays.

Suzanne Moss

I had to get vaccines for going to India two year ago. I don't see what all the fuss is about...oh dear me!

Maxine Gray

Good idea if that’s what it’s going to take.

Isabel Braidwood

How long do they last?

James Tierney

This is an attempt to pit one set of citizens against another and to scare people. It is a slippery slope towards police-state digital IDs. A seemingly harmless app morphs into a vaccine passport to which more and more personal information is added over time.

Lynsey Maclennan

Well it didn't find me on the system.

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