Sturgeon's referendum call - your views online

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants the people of Scotland to be able to go to the polls next October and vote in a second independence referendum

Chris Montroy

Sorry, but we voted No. And our parliament does manage all the important aspects of our lives in Scotland like health, education, law & order, transport and some taxation.

Lorne Hugh Crowe

What does she know about respecting the right of people in Scotland when she can't respect that we already said no to independence? A bit of a contradiction.

Fiona Taylor

The people of Scotland already voted no!

Craig Ferguson

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The people of Scotland who are saying we don't want another referendum. She won't listen to her supposed advisors, let alone the public. Sturgeon is obsessed with this now to the exclusion of all else, including her government's abject failures.

Kathleen Lawson

She’s the one who refuses to respect the rights of the people of Scotland. We have already voted for this and voted No. We were told at the time it was a one and only vote, so why is she now pushing it?

Derek Mason

The important thing is the majority of people voted no to independence, so she should respect that and get on with her everyday job and let us get on with our lives without her rattling on about independence day after day.

Robert Bon

Give us a break. We have a PM in London who doesn’t know what day it is and whether or not her cabinet will arrive for work in the morning. In Scotland we have a FM who continues her fantasies of having the power to call a referendum to separate Scotland from the UK. What a complete shambles the whole nation is in. Meanwhile the citizens of the UK are going around in a daze of bewilderment wondering if there will be enough money left in the bank to put pie and beans on the dinner table. Are these politicians for real?

Ross Hale

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The people of Scotland already decided this, or is this something else you’ve conveniently forgotten about?

Steven Kilgour

She says Westminster doesn't respect our rights, yet she doesn't respect the result of a democratic vote already taken on this matter.

Jacqueline Reid

We already voted on this – surely the money should be spent elsewhere.

James Gray

What we need is a general election and Labour to win through, reverting to the old Labour standards. This would end the monopoly the SNP have on Scottish politics as the people of Scotland will support a genuine Labour government. Unfortunately Labour can’t see the wood for the trees.

Mary Macgregor

Always supported the SNP, so won’t stop now.

Clarke Grieve

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Let's just forget about the lies before the 2014 vote, Brexit, pensions, more devolved powers etc, and just be grateful that Liz Truss is now in charge of the UK. After the mess Boris Johnson made, doesn't it just make your heart sing to know that instead of Nicola Sturgeon we have someone we never voted for making all the right decisions for the UK and in particular Scotland?

Sandra Lockhart

We voted No but the argument for another referendum is that things have changed – ie Brexit. So if it’s a Yes vote and turns into a total disaster and the EU say No, as the experts think likely, because things have changed, can we then have another vote to rejoin? Surely it can’t just be vote after vote until Yes.

Jimmy Scott

Where does she get all the money from, as Scotland has no manufacturing industry left, and she is millions overspent on twoferries as well? Or is she going to use the missing millions from Covid?

Al Reid

Without democracy we would have no human rights. Think about that.

Carolyn Pearson

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Did she not see the result of the "once on a generation" referendum that we've just recently had? Westminster did listen, Scottish people said naw!

Paton Al

C’mon Scotland, have some self respect and stand up on your own two feet.

Penny Murdoch

She is certainly not speaking for me!

Keith Robertson

After reading her proposals for life in an independent Scotland, I am even more convinced she’s barking mad. Makes it up as she goes along.

Cliff Mcn

Sorry, I voted yes 2014, now no.

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