Edinburgh rescue dogs: Pebbles the bulldog pup from Dogs Trust West Calder needs a new home

Meet Pebbles, our Edinburgh rescue dog of the week

Pebbles, the one-year-old bulldog pup, is looking for her forever home. Currently staying with Dogs Trust West Calder, she is our dog of the week as part of a new fseries to help rescue animals get the second chance they deserve.

Pebbles is a playful girl who loves spending time zooming around the garden with her tennis balls and squeaky toys. She is a clever girl who likes learning new tricks, especially in exchange for treats. She will sit nicely and offer a paw in exchange for a tasty snack. Pebbles looks forward to her walks where she can explore new sights and smells. She is always ready to hop in the car to go on new adventures.

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Pebbles can be shy when meeting new people but quickly makes friends and enjoys being the centre of attention. An affectionate girl, she is happy simply being in your company and will happily potter behind you before cuddling up on the sofa. Pebbles is a fun-loving youngster who is still learning and would like for her new family to continue her training so she can keep growing in confidence.

Pebbles the bulldog puppy is looking for a new home (Dogs Trust West Calder)

She would love to have a large garden to play in during the day. She would make an excellent companion for an active household with lots of love to give.

If you think you could provide a home for Pebbles or any of the 50 dogs currently available for rehoming, please contact the West Calder Rehoming Centre on 01506 873459. You can also follow Dogs Trust West Calder on Twitter @DT_WestCalder and Instagram @dogstrust_westcalder

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Pebbles has so much love to give (Dogs Trust West Calder)