Edinburgh Zoo releases adorable first pictures of baby lowland nyala calf named Yara

Newborn baby calf Yara joins small herd of nyala at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo has shared the first adorable photos of a lowland nyala calf born in January. Named Yara by keepers, the spiral horned antelope was welcomed by proud parents Arnold and Arya on Tuesday, 3 January.

The zoo, run by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said the new female is growing in confidence every day and can be spotted exploring her enclosure with mum by her side. Yara’s arrival has increased Edinburgh Zoo’s small herd of lowland nyala to four.

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Native to south-eastern Africa, nyala live in dense forest and woodlands in the wild. In the past, the species disappeared from much of its range due to habitat loss. However, fortunately effective habitat protection, species management, and re-introductions have helped wild populations of nyala bounce back.

Yara is the new nyala calf born at Edinburgh Zoo (Royal Zoological Society of Scotland)

Poppy was born at the wildlife conservation charity in 2018, while new parents Arnold and Arya moved to Edinburgh Zoo from Newquay Zoo in 2022.

Baby Yara is finding her confidence with her mum at Edinburgh Zoo (Royal Zoological Society of Scotland)
Yara brings Edinburgh Zoo's herd of nyala up to four animals (Royal Zoological Society of Scotland)