Queen's funeral: Irvine Welsh deletes 'disgusting' tweet about Queen Elizabeth II

Irvine Welsh has deleted a “classless” tweet posted about Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her funeral.

The Leith-born Trainspotting author was criticised for “disgusting” comments he made just minutes before the Queen’s state funeral on Monday (September 19).

Welsh wrote: “Question: would having a w*** over a image of the younger queen be respect or disrespect?”

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This was met with a flood of outraged responses. “What went through your mind as you sent this?” one Twitter user asked.

Irvine Welsh has deleted a 'crass' tweet about the Queen which was posted on the day of her funeral (Getty Images/ Twitter)

While another wrote: “Irvine do you have any elderly female relatives? If so what made you decide to tweet this? It takes a very low and sad pathetic person to tweet something as disgusting as this?”

In the early hours of Tuesday morning (September 20), Welsh said he had deleted the tweet, which he described as “crass” and “not very good or funny”.

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The 63-year-old wrote: “I deleted my tweet about the Queen. It was crass and classless and just not very good or funny.

"I don’t profess to understand how people get upset about such things, but they do and in many cases their pain is genuine. It’s not my place to say how people should feel.”

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A state funeral was held for Queen Elizabeth II in London following her death at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022.

Welsh, who married Scottish actress Emma Currie in August this year, has been outspoken on the social media platform on issues ranging from Scottish Independence to Scottish Conservatives referencing the Trainspotting “choose life” poster.