Ten repurposed Edinburgh schools, including Portobello High and Juniper Green Primary

Here’s a look back at ten lost schools in Edinburgh and what they are now.

Everyone remembers their school days and making those early memories that will live on with us.

As time wears on many of Edinburgh’s old schools have closed, been demolished or amalgamated onto a new site.

Across the city, new houses have sprung up in place of some of the buildings. Some are awaiting redevelopment to start or to finish, including the Old Royal High school which was at the heart of plans for a new National Centre for Music. But the plans which would have seen St Mary’s specialist school at the heart of the £45 million project have been ditched by the Trust, citing major building works needed to adapt the building are ‘no longer practical’. The future of the old school is now cast in doubt.

Take a look at these ten schools that have been repurposed. It’s a snapshot not an exclusive list, so get in touch with any others you want to see featured.

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