Watch as Good Morning Britain Presenter Kate Garraway reveals 'desperate situation' with Covid-19 positive husband

Kate Garraway has returned to Good Morning Britain to discuss husband Derek Draper's coronavirus, saying ‘it's a very desperate situation’.
Kate Garraway returned to the studio for the first time in four months (Pic: Good Morning Britain)Kate Garraway returned to the studio for the first time in four months (Pic: Good Morning Britain)
Kate Garraway returned to the studio for the first time in four months (Pic: Good Morning Britain)

The presenter, 53, said it was ‘really emotional’ to be back and ‘like coming out of a little bubble of sadness’.

She said of 52-year-old Mr Draper's condition: ‘Wonderfully his eyes are opening but we have no real knowledge of what he can see and feel or hear.’

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Kate was in the studio for the first time alongside Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid for the first time in four months after her husband contracted coronavirus.

Mr Draper contracted the virus at the beginning of April and was rushed to hospital before being put into a medically induced coma on April 5.

He spent several weeks in a ‘deep coma’ but Kate revealed to Hello! Magazine that he has now emerged from it and is now in a minimal state of consciousness.

Speaking to her Good Morning Britain colleagues Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Garraway said there had been ‘so many different stages’ since Mr Draper had gone into hospital.

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Recalling his early days in hospital she said: "I got some texts from him saying when he first went in... show this picture to the children and tell them I'm doing great.

"There was a feeling of terror and then suddenly it escalated and they were saying it's all about the lungs..."

She added: "Each stage has been a new terror and just when I thought we were moving forward, then suddenly we know how it can affect your body everywhere, nerves, everything".

She said doctors had told her "you've got to get on, you've got to get on with life".

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The TV and radio presenter said that she knew everybody was "dealing with stuff and the problem with this pandemic, it's lives, it's livelihoods, it's fear and it's anxiety and I just feel like I have got to get on and do the things I'm supposed to be good at".

She said that her husband would want her to have returned to work, adding: "Derek would not just be saying 'come back' he would be saying, 'why haven't you done it before'?"

Her colleague Piers Morgan added: “I just think where there’s life there’s hope and I think you have that mentality.”

The NHS medical team have warned that Mr Draper’s current condition could persist ‘for years’ but have also offered hope as there are signs that he can hear but have said that it’s unlikely Mr Draper will be out of hospital by September, which is when their son Billy begins secondary school.

Garraway announced she would be back presenting on Good Morning Britain on July 13.