'That's ridiculous': Edinburgh reacts to lamposts in the middle of Leith Walk cycle lanes

Edinburgh cyclists have reacted angrily after a picture of a new Leith Walk cycle path was posted online.

Tuesday, 7th July 2020, 7:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 7th July 2020, 8:27 am
The image of lampposts blocking the lane surfaced yesterday morning

The new lane alongside the ongoing tram extension is at the edge of the pavement at Leith Walk and can be seen to have street lamps obstructing in the centre of the cycle path all the way along the walk.

The narrow path is also marked letting cyclists know that they are able to travel in both directions in the lane, despite the obstructive street lighting.

Additionally, signage can also be seen on the cycle lane directing pedestrians where they are able to cross the road and obstructing the path.

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The image, which was posted on Twitter yesterday morning has sparked outrage amongst other users who have criticised the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) for putting the cycle lane in place.

Lorna Slater responded to the tweet to say: “If it isn't actually possible to cycle down it, it isn't a cycle lane.

“It's something you ticked off on a form somewhere because someone made you. You did it as reluctantly and badly as you could.”

Another user named Lori commented: “Paths normally go between and around obstacles, not repeatedly, deliberately towards them. Is this a path?”

The Boardwalk Beach Club account added: “Edinburgh is really looking a terrible mess, like a dogs breakfast. Roads closed unnecessarily, tram extension gone bananas, bad potholes not filled in so cyclists break their bikes and are in danger and new orange bollards so ambulances have issues.”

Twitter user Graeme Wilson said: “This is terrible. Even on a temporary basis its totally unacceptable.”

Lizzie Ryne added: “That’s just ridiculous! Who authorised this and who signed it off?”

Ken Murray commented: “I remain convinced that whoever designs and signs off a new piece of cycling infrastructure, should have to ride down it before the general public.

“It’s amazing that a real life person actually thinks a real life cyclist would be able to use that.”

Finally, a user named L E Soigneur added: “Is there any actual commuting or experienced cyclist on the CEC roads safety team?”

In response to the criticism, the official Trams to Newhaven account said: “There needs to be a balance between the needs of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and compromise is sometimes needed.

“We would advise cyclists to be aware of their surroundings, including street furniture and pedestrians, however signage will be adjusted ahead of the cycle lane becoming operational.”

The construction works on the Trams to Newhaven project restarted on June 22 after months of standstill due to the pandemic.

Work on the project was stopped at the end of March to comply with government guidance and to protect the safety of workers and residents during the coronavirus outbreak.

Leith Walk currently has traffic restrictions in place due to the ongoing project. Between London Road and Crown Place the road is closed to northbound traffic with southbound reduced to one lane.

Additionally, Constitution Street is closed between Foot of the Walk and Coatfield Lane and between Queen Charlotte Street and Tower Street, Lindsay Road is closed to eastbound traffic and Ocean Drive’s northbound side is closed, as well as Ocean Terminal bus stops.

The council have been contacted for comment.