Detest Tories? No, what I hate is the 'greed is good' philosophy ushered in by Margaret Thatcher – Susan Morrison

When did the Tories become cry babies? Nichola Sturgeon says she detests the Tories, and they all start greetin’. Far worse has been said about them.

Nye Bevan, the father of the NHS, called Tories “lower than vermin”. Got a tang of the poet about that one. Well, that’s the Welsh for you.

Theresa May once stood at their own conference in leopard-skin kitten heels and called them “the nasty party”. She went on to lead them, so I guess they got over that.

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I don’t detest Tories. I used to know loads of them, or at least, people who voted for them. My dad was what they called a working-class Tory, back in the days when you could be a Conservative and a trade unionist. In fact, Scotland then was very much a “conservative with a small ‘c’” country.

These were the days of Macmillan. He represented a particularly patrician view of the Tory party, the ‘One Nation’ Tories, who regarded themselves as the landed gentry of a grand country sprawl. It was important to keep those who toiled in the fields, orchards and stables well-housed, fed and educated. It was good for the income of the estate, what?

Some people today still vote Tory believing they will benevolently care for workers. They forget that Thatcher ripped the patrician's mask clean off and let greed be the defining factor in right-wing philosophy. Take what you can. Care for no-one. Devil take the hindmost.

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This is the Tory thinking I detest, and I have watched it at work for decades.

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Liz Truss should let her record in government speak for itself. Oh dear (Picture: Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

If Liz is really offended by what Nicola says about her, she should just ignore it. Oh. That’s right. She actually is ignoring Scotland’s First Minister. Pretty rude. Even King Charles fetched up smartish for a quick chat.

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Well, here’s some advice for you, young Lizzy. Don’t you get ruffled by people being snarky about you. You just stop snivelling and dry your eyes.

You let your record of achievement, solid financial planning and good governance speak for you.

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Oh dear. I’ve just looked. Those folk may have a point.