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"I wish people would stop moaning. Poorer countries can't afford vaccines”

Thursday, 18th March 2021, 7:00 am

Vaccine delays

'Literally no patients' at some NHS Lothian vaccination centres after appointment letters delay

Craig Thomas

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I live near to the Ingliston and South Gyle centres and my appointment is for Bathgate! Thought we weren’t meant to travel out of our council area.

David Hamilton

I had mine on March 5. Very well run by the staff and very professional. The process was done and dusted in under 15 minutes. The majority of time was sitting after the jag. However I couldn't help notice, staff outnumbered people being vaccinated by around 4 to 1.

Carol Webster

I phoned to check on my appointment and was told there were no delays but gave me a date over the phone for next week and still no blue envelope!

Carole Bathgate

I wish people would stop moaning. Poorer countries can't afford vaccines.

Jillian Jillian

My appointment was at Morrison Street. I live in Tranent, checked the website to rearrange, nothing within 15 miles. I went into Bonnyrigg on Saturday, got taken right away. The nurses were very quiet as people were not turning up. A friend who lives in Bonnyrigg her appointment was at Ingilston! Not very well organised at all

Frances Petrie-Hay

I've never received my letter, vaccination was yesterday. I heard that the EICC had 40-50% no show over the weekend and were not busy at all. They were assuming it was because of the adverse publicity.

Lorraine Sharon P Kelly

Those waiting should call to see if you can get a appointment. This is just one health board letting us down, many others are doing a great job.

Jacqueline Perry

My 67-year-old husband still waiting, applied online and phoned. Seems not on the system with Lothian Health Board yet, even although he has been registered with a doctor for a month.

Debbie Walker

Not sure why we don’t have 24/7 drop in centres that everyone can make an appointment with directly.

Salmond Inquiry

David Davis MP has used parliamentary privilege to reveal SNP messages he says was given to him by a whistleblower show a “concerted effort by senior members of the SNP to encourage complaints” against Alex Salmond

Janette McFarlane

How can we trust the SNP when they do this to their previous boss?

Margot Buchanan

How strange - a Tory MP standing up for Alex Salmond in order to undermine the Scottish government!

Trevor Morris

The saddest thing about all this is that it deflects attention from the colossal scale of Tory corruption which people who depend on the Tory press and the BBC hear little enough of. The powers of parliaments – Westminster and Holyrood - are being taken away, turning supposedly democratic government into an oligarchy.

Scott Robertson

As usual people only see what they want to see. Regardless of what party it is, surely if there is evidence it’s important to the outcome. Whether people like Alex Salmond or not, he's made allegations and it's vital everything is used to determine whether he is right or wrong.

Derek A Lawler

Must be an election near.

Jon Clark

David Davis, ex-Brexit bulldog, that very reliable chap who told us that Brexit was really simple and would be done in no time? If after listening to him for five minutes you think he’s talking sense or even telling you the truth, make an appointment with your doctor to have your character judgment checked. This is just another version of the Gordon Brown game they used last time there was a independence referendum. They will do anything to discredit it. Best ignore.

Kirsty Leslie

Oh come on. Guidance was that no female should be left alone in the company of the then first minister, AS. That guidance doesn't come out of nowhere.

Michael Gordon

For all the Save Nicola Party's complaints about Westminster, they themselves are making a good job of copying them. Scotland deserves better.

Lizz Rennie

The article states he claims he has this information. It also states that the Holyrood committee have seen all the text messages involved already.

Kim Grant

Interesting that the man who was dubbed too lazy to read his briefs when in charge of negotiating with the EU has found the energy to read about the SNP and Scotland. Anyone just a teeny bit suspicious?