‘This smacks of the airport looking for a quick buck’ – Evening News readers react to Edinburgh Airport parking fines

Edinburgh Airport has said the £100 fines handed out to motorists who have picked up friends and relatives in their drop-off zone are necessary to reduce touting. But what did our readers think?

Sunday, 15th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Edinburgh Airport has been accused of being ‘anti-car’. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

So where is the pick-up point if it’s not beside the drop-off? Been there a few times this year and didn’t realise it was any different. Perhaps Edinburgh Airport need to make signage a lot clearer.

Bear Susie

They expect you to use the car parks if you’re picking up, but they don’t tell you that on any signage driving in. The UK airports’ approach (not just Edinburgh, they’re pretty much all at it now) to passengers being picked up and dropped off is atrocious. In the US they have free car parks where folk can sit and wait until the person they’re collecting is ready, and it’s still free to drive to the terminal to collect them.

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The Di Rollo brothers are calling it a day. Picture: Jon Savage

Lee Greaves

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Edinburgh Airport blasted over £100 fines for drivers picking up friends and rel...

The airport is an absolute shambles, £1.70 to go anywhere in the city on the tram, if you want to go one stop further than the Gyle and into Edinburgh Airport it’s £6! The pick-up car park is £4 minimum just to pop in and pick someone up but generally folk never get through as quickly as you’d expect so you are then into the £7 or even £10 bands. That’s why so many cars are parked up around the area – for example at Ingliston – to await confirmation the flights have landed and limit time in the car park. Then the police come and chase you along.

Steven McIntosh

My partner used to make regular business trips to London and, by the time you get from central London out to Heathrow, would invariably be on a late flight home. Arriving at 9pm or 10pm after a busy day all you want to do is get home – and the drop-off/pick-up zone was ideal for that. I’m not convinced about this stopping taxis touting for business excuse. Never saw anything like that in all the time I’ve been in and out of the airport. Smacks of Edinburgh Airport management looking for a quick buck and an easy target.

Charlie Fisher

With our dreich weather somebody ought to revise the present system.

J Brown

Another good reason never to go near this awful place again.

Greg Sumner

Why should we have to pay £4 to pick up a relative?

Beth Noble

Pick-up zone £4 – why? Plus it a nightmare to navigate there as all Edinburgh Airport’s car parking signage is dreadful

Liz Dockerty

I’d follow the signs if they had any. The airport is a joke: anti-car and anti-black cab. Hate to say it but Glasgow is miles better.

Colin Mackay

They can issue fines but can’t do nothing about them. Edinburgh Airport has to be the worst airport around. They’ve made a joke of the whole drop-off/pick-up area. Even when you leave arrivals you have to walk the full length of the airport to get to that area. I’ve travelled to and from a lot of airports but Edinburgh is the worst.

Kenneth Hogg

If you want to save the £4 get them to walk another 100 meters to the car park barriers

Lawrence Target

Edinburgh Airport’s drop-off and pick-up areas are a joke. The machines in the pick-up area never work as they should – they’re held together with sticky tape! You try pay contactless and it beeps then seconds later it shows you’ve still not paid . The the process is repeated. Did it charge twice? When exiting the pick-up area there are massive tailbacks because of these machines, thus rendering you over the minimum time and charging you £7. What taxi driver can do a fare for £15 and justify paying to the airport £7? They should move with the times – the days of arriving at an international airport and being ushered into the airport’s preferred vehicles are long gone.

Steve Abbott

Di Rollo’s licked

Brothers Reno and Kevin Di Rollo are hanging up their ice cream scoops for a well-earned retirement.

It might be controversial but Di Rollo’s ice cream is much better than Luca’s! And Arcari’s is just as good, if not better than Di Rollo’s! I don’t want to start another ice cream war so please don’t shout at me! Anyway, I wouldn’t say no to any off them.

Aileen Prior Macfarlane

My grandmother used to take me to Di Rollo’s every summer holiday when I stayed with her in Musselburgh. Geat memories and great ice cream!

Linda Murray

Oh the memories I have with my two girls. Iused to take then to the library every night and then if I could afford it they had ice cream.

Lesley Lloyd

I will have to.stock up as this is my favourite ice cream. Love the white chocolate chip.

Angela Poole

Their Turkish Delight ice cream was the best out there

Anne Selcraig