Cost of living crisis: Our campaign for Edinburgh as energy bills and food, petrol, and housing prices surge

We’re launching a campaign to speak up for Edinburgh during the cost of living crisis.

The past few years have been tough for Edinburgh and beyond. We’ve been cast out of the frying pan of a global pandemic into the flames of a cost of living crisis.

Petrol prices, food shops, housing, and energy bills are soaring. The cost of simply being alive is more expensive than it has been for generations.

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In Edinburgh, the energy bills for a typical family are forecast to almost triple since last autumn – from £105 a month to £296 a month.

Introducing our cost of living campaign for Edinburgh

Utility bills on a whole are rising by around 77 per cent on average in Scotland’s Capital city. And one in 10 Scots are being left with no money after paying for essential monthly expenses. It can’t go on like this.

We’re launching a campaign to highlight the impact on people and businesses in Edinburgh, and fight for action.

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The Edinburgh Evening News has written an open letter to new Prime Minister Liz Truss on what needs to be done to prevent a catastrophe this winter.

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We’re calling for her to stop the cost of energy rising to more than double the levels last winter, to help those on prepayment meters, and to tell energy companies they cannot cut off the supply to any homes that fall behind on their bills.

And we’re going to be telling the stories of local people, organisations and businesses and how they have been impacted.

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If you think your story needs to be told, contact us. You can email our newsroom [email protected] our editor [email protected] or our deputy editor [email protected]