Edinburgh transport policies: Here's what people said about ideas from cycle paths to speed limits under 20mph

Consultation on Edinburgh council’s key transport policies for the Capital – this is what you said about them

The Capital’s controversial transport policies have “broad support” from the Edinburgh public, according to city transport convener Scott Arthur.

And he backs his claim by pointing to the report of a 12-week consultation on a host of measures contained in five action plans drawn up by the council to deal with parking, public transport, active travel, air quality and road safety. The action plans are all part of Edinburgh’s aim of creating cleaner, greener, safer, more accessible and affordable travel choices that will help to meet the city’s targets of reducing car kilometres by 30 per cent and reaching net zero by 2030.

The consultation included an online survey which anyone could answer, market research using a representative sample of Edinburgh’s population and focus groups of particular sections of society, such as older people, parents with young children, younger people and disabled people. There were also workshops with “stakeholders” – transport operators, community councils, emergency services, active travel campaigners, disability groups and others – as well as public drop-in events. Altogether the council received a total of 3,826 representations.

Here’s what the consultation found.