Mum waits with baby for two hours in Edinburgh Airport traffic jam

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A mother has spent two hours stranded in her car with her seven-month-old son in a horrendous traffic jam crippling Edinburgh Airport.

Justyna Jablonska-Edmonds, 32, said she had moved just 10m in the space of two hours, with her infant son in the back seat.

The New Town resident has been unable to exit the terminal’s main car park after travelling to the airport to pick up her father, who was flying in from Warsaw.

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The traffic disruption is believed to be linked to yesterday’s tram crash near the airport that left a 66-year-old bus driver in hospital in a critical condition.

Ms Jablonska-Edmonds described the situation as “a state of anarchy”.

Yesterday's tram crash involving a bus has caused horrific traffic queues at Edinburgh Airport

Yesterday's tram crash involving a bus has caused horrific traffic queues at Edinburgh Airport

She said there were hundreds of cars stuck in queues.

“I didn’t manage to get a parking space,” she said.

“I got stuck in the traffic. The traffic has been growing and growing since.

“The problem is there is no-one conducting this mess. There’s absolutely no-one to ask anything about the situation.

“I called the airport staff twice just now and spoke to a manager ... I asked what do I do in case of an emergency. I don’t have extra bottles with me for my son because I wasn’t expecting to be here more than half an hour. She couldn’t help me, of course.

“I’ve called the police, asked the same questions. They couldn’t answer the questions.

“It’s pretty frustrating. I think what’s mostly frustrating is the fact that there’s just no-one here. It’s like anarchy – a state of anarchy.”

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Ms Jablonska-Edmonds said she was concerned for her son’s welfare.

“I don’t think it’s good for him to be sitting in his car seat for hours,” she said. “I am concerned about his bottle time. I’m just dreading the time when it comes and him getting frustrated. It’s pretty warm in the car as well.”

A single-decker bus was involved in the collision with a tram, resulting in the tram de-railing and causing significant damage to the bus, which also collided with a number of unoccupied vehicles.

The male driver of the bus sustained a number of serious injuries and was taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

One taxi driver said of today’s disruption: “It’s bedlam. The queues are horrific.

“I know there was an accident, but surely they can deal with it better than this? This is meant to be a major international airport after all.”

At the time of the tram collision, there were no passengers on the bus and the 20 passengers on the tram were not injured.

The long stay car park at Edinburgh Airport is difficult to access for drivers, meaning those customers are now parking in the terminal car park, which is leading to heavy traffic and disruption.

Due to yesterday’s crash, many have chosen to get a taxi to the airport.

Edinburgh Airport confirmed a link road to Turnhouse Road had been opened to help alleviate the traffic flow problems around the main terminal.

Police are directing traffic in the area.

Edinburgh Airport earlier said in a statement on Twitter: “Please be advised that due to high volumes of passengers travelling through the airport this afternoon there may be slight delays within the car parking area.

“Staff are on hand to assist with moving traffic as quickly and safely as possible.”

An airport spokesman said the terminal was experiencing a surge in taxi demand due to having no tram service.

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