Would you vote differently in a second Indy referendum? - your views online

With the debate over Scottish independence ramping up, we asked readers if they would vote differently to 2014 in a second referendum.
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John Anderson: I voted Yes in 2014 but it will be a massive No now. What I would like to see, though, is the SNP doing the job they were voted in for and stop dragging this country any further into the hole its fast becoming. Nicola Sturgeon can rally all she wants with her Sinn Fein pals but this is a total waste of my tax money.

Glyn Ednie: I will not vote in Indy Ref2, or 3 or 4, if they are illegal referendums similar to the meaningless Catalonian one. I voted in what was meant to be once-in-a-lifetime referendum in 2014. I was not under any misunderstanding about what a Yes or No vote would mean. No-one conned me to vote one way or the other, because I thoroughly researched the financial consequences of what I was voting for.

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The battle lines are being drawn up between Yes and No votersThe battle lines are being drawn up between Yes and No voters
The battle lines are being drawn up between Yes and No voters
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Eleanor Ferguson: It was not a “once-in-a-lifetime” vote. That was an expression – a once-in-a-lifetime chance – to convey how important it was. Do you never have another general election if Johnston says it would be a once-in -a-lifetime vote? What a ridiculous idea that you would never be allowed to change your mind when circumstances changed. We were promised that the only way to stay in the EU was to vote No. How's that going? The whole of Scotland wanted to stay in the EU and we, as an “equal and valued partner”, weren't even consulted about what sort of Brexit would suit us or any of the decisions around it. It was Yes then and it will be Yes now. You'd have to be mad not to get on the lifeboat.

Sue Inglis: Sadly that particular lifeboat has a huge big hole in it!

Anne-Marie Bain: Why should 8.5 per cent of the Union should have the sole right to possibly break it up? Maybe the whole of the Union should have their vote considered too. Perhaps loads of people in England would happily vote to separate from Scotland. Maybe Scots living there could be allowed a vote.

Ken Randall: Sadly I would change my vote. It isn’t that the independence argument has won, it’s that what the current UK administration is normalising – and that’s everything I abhor. I dont think mainstream UK politics has ever been this far right in modern times.

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Graham Alexander: It’s good question. And for the first time in my life I don't know the answer. Everything I hold dear, everything I grew up with, has been systematically dismantled.

Gav Grant: I'm going to vote No this time. I want to ensure that an entire country cannot forge its own future because I dislike one individual... Nicola Sturgeon! In reality, I've always seen self-determination as being of higher importance than any political party, including the SNP.

Carole Owens: No, united we stand and divided we fall, the SNP and their quest for independence has divided the Scottish people.

David Barr: I understand some older people are invested in the old colonial set-up but I think you need to just stand back and look at the lies/misinformation put out by Better Together in 2014. Younger folk aren’t so daft – they see the things promised and not delivered. I’ll vote Yes again, looking to the future and the generations to follow. Let’s just keep it sensible. The Scottish Government is far from perfect but if the best opponents of independence can come up with is that someone made a throwaway remark about “once-in-a-generation” that smacks of desperation. Let’s have a good reason why we should stay other than sentimental reasons. Vote Yes.

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Glen Campbell: I was Yes before and still Yes now. I don’t want to be governed by Tories for the rest of my life and independence is our only escape. Scotland always gets what England votes for and Labour isn’t a strong enough opposition to take control. So it’s as simple as this – vote for independence or say no to it and be ruled by the self-serving Tories.

John Hewit: If I saw the SNP doing a good job in all the various departments it takes to run a country, such as health, education, transport etc then I might be inclined to believe they could do a good job of independence. However, they can’t seem to get a handle on the day-to-day running as it is, never mind as a completely independent state.

Brian Bell: I'm a Scotsman who's quite happy to be described as British but who wants Scotland to leave the UK for reasons way beyond the colour of a flag.

Michael Black: Scotland would have been done for if had to deal with the last two years alone.