Queen Elizabeth II dies: 'Long queues' will form for public waiting to pay respects at Edinburgh's St Giles' Cathedral

The Scottish Government have warned the public to expect ‘long queues’ for entry to St Giles Cathedral, where the Queen’s body will lie in rest.

The queue will start at George Square Lane and North Meadow Walk in The Meadows – half a mile away from St Giles Cathedral.

Entry to the Cathedral will start from around 5:30pm today, and mourners will be able to file past the coffin until 3pm on Tuesday.

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However, the Scottish Government have warned the public that the queue may close early.

One wristband per person will be issued, and only those with wristbands will be able to enter St Giles.

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Mourners will be subject to airport-style security checks before entering the cathedral, as certain items will not be allowed in the building, including flowers. These checks will take place at George IV Bridge.

While the queue will pass cafes and restaurants where refreshments can be purchased, the public have been asked to bring their own food and drinks. Toilets will be available and visitors will be able to leave the queue briefly to use these.

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People gather outside St Giles' Cathedral, in Edinburgh, ahead of the Procession of Queen Elizabeth's coffin from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to the cathedral.

Several local and major road closures will be in place, which will affect traffic on surrounding trunk roads and the Edinburgh City Bypass. There is no additional parking at George Square, so mourners have been asked to travel by public transport or on foot.

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The Queen is currently lying in rest at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. At around 2.30pm, there will be a solemn procession along the Royal Mile to St Giles Cathedral.