Bellenden Gardens ‘shaped like a giant willy’

Bellenden Gardens, Edinburgh. Image: Google Maps
Bellenden Gardens, Edinburgh. Image: Google Maps
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AN Edinburgh street is vying to become the rudest in Britain after images on Google Earth revealed it looks like a giant penis.

The aptly named Bellenden Gardens has a name which has amused residents for years - but recently satellite mapping of the cul-de-sac showed it also strongly resembles a phallic symbol.

And now the road, in the Inch area, is competing to become the rudest in the country.

A survey released earlier this week revealed the Top Ten risqué road names south of the border - and suggested living in places such as Minge Lane, in Worcestershire, Slag Lane, Lancashire, and Fanny Hands Lane in Lincolnshire could even affect house prices.

Locals in Edinburgh said the propertythe survey should have included Scottish streets such as Bellenden Gardens.

Robert Duncan, 58, said: “I live just around the corner from Bellenden and we have always had a laugh at the name, but now the shape of the street has just added to the fun. I thought it should have been in the recent list of dirty street names.”

And Mary Cunningham, 61, who lives in nearby Walter Scott Avenue, added: “I see there is a Bell End named in the English list, but ours is much funnier because the street is also shaped like a giant willy.

“I’ll be looking for our Bellenden to be included next year, although, to be honest, I don’t think it affects the house prices around here.”