Man loses third of his body fat on McDonald’s diet

Kai Sedgwick shows off his muscles despite eating only McDonald's meals for a month. Picture: comp
Kai Sedgwick shows off his muscles despite eating only McDonald's meals for a month. Picture: comp
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GETTING in shape on a fast food diet sounds like a madcap idea dreamed up by a clown called Ronald to sell more burgers.

It is no secret salt-laden fatty food does nothing for a trimmer waistline, particularly when that’s all you are eating for a month.

But after a 34-year-old Edinburgh man defied logic by losing almost a third of his body fat living on McDonald’s, statistics fly in the face of the old saying “you are what you eat”.

In a bizarre twist on the US documentary of Super Size Me, Kai Sedgwick set himself an unusual challenge – to see if it was possible to live on fast food for a month while getting in shape.

“You may think he’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal but his results speak for ­themselves.

Through an intensive fitness regime the freelance writer managed to pack on 2.7 kilograms of lean muscle, while his body fat plunged from 15.1 per cent to 11 per cent to reveal washboard abs.

Kai, of Marchmont, said: “My body is now stronger, and my fitness has improved. But at the same time, I’ve eaten an insane amount of chemicals, additives, salt and sugar.

“I’m going to be eating as healthily as I can from now on. Hopefully my body will have recovered from the shock after a couple of weeks of ­eating clean.”

There were several times when the fitness novice feared he had bitten off more than he could chew with his challenge, suffering from exhaustion and irritability.

“At times I felt exhausted and had to nap through the day. I think the best barometer was how often I shouted at the cat. I will never eat another Big Mac or quarter pounder as long as I live, though I may pop in for a McFlurry, and the wraps aren’t too bad.”

Nutrition consultant Dr Chris Fenn, who warned him of the risks of intense exercise and eating the wrong foods, will now advise him on the second phase of his challenge.

This will seem him training as before but this time eating a healthy diet.

Chris said: “His training will be so much more productive and effective now he is fuelling his body properly.”

To understand more about the McWorkout and to follow his progress visit Kai, who trained at PureGym, hopes his experiment prompts people to give some thought to what they are eating.

But he also wanted to show that people could also enjoy the occasional pizza or burger and still keep in shape.

“I was also trying to show that it is possible to improve your lifestyle or health and not give up all the things you like,” he said.

The diet by the numbers

DURING his McWorkout, Kai consumed 99 McDonald’s meals, including 50 burgers and breakfast rolls, 27 portions of fries or hash browns, 45 wraps, and 52 coffees.

This was equal to 272g of sodium (160 per cent of the recommended daily amount). He consumed 3300g of fat (124 per cent of RDA) of which 1011g was saturated (120 per cent of RDA)

He ran 70km, had 26 training sessions and spent 27 hours training, burning 13,500 calories.

His average session lasted 62 mins and he burned off 520 calories,

Kai spent £366 (not including that saved by using vouchers/friends: £55), with an average daily cost of £14.