‘Voice of football’ James Alexander Gordon dies

James Alexander Gordon
James Alexander Gordon
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ONE of the most distinctive and recognisable voices in British broadcasting has died, aged 78.

Edinburgh-born James Alexander Gordon retired last year from his legendary slot reading the football scores on BBC Radio Five Live’s Sports Report.

He discovered his talent in a cupboard more than 60 years ago, where he would practise reading the results.

In a previous interview with the Evening News, he said: “Dad used to get really irritated by football announcers when he was filling in his pools coupon, because the intonation in their voices misled him.

“So I decided to gather all the results on a Saturday before he checked his coupon, and I would go into a cupboard with a torch and some kid-on radio equipment, and read them out in a way I thought was more realistic.

“When I did my first broadcast, dad cried and said ‘The wee bugger’s finally done it’.”